No parts required.

Insert an opening pick between the rear case and the plastic rim.
  • Insert an opening pick between the rear case and the plastic rim.

  • You may need to add multiple picks to detach the clips.

  • Slide the pick along the edge of the rear case until you release the plastic clips attaching the rear case to the display.

  • Continue to slide the pick around the edge of the rear case until all clips are released.

I would not remove the back of the case. There are around 14 tabs inside that are melted down to secure the frame. Those melted tabs will break off and the back won't be as secure and the edge of the back will have have a visible gap showing. I would remove the case from the screen side as in step 5 of this tear down and use a iFixit opening tool. Use the tool with handle towards the screen to pry the frame away. Start on one long edge and slide the tool along the gap and at same time slightly pry the case away. Then separate a short edge. The corner between the 2 open gaps should just pop away with some prying. Do the same with other 2 edges and corner.

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Lift the case up to remove it.
  • Lift the case up to remove it.

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  • Insert an opening pick between the plastic frame and the screen.

  • Slide the opening pick around the perimeter of the screen.

    • You will hear clicking noises as each plastic clip is released from the display chassis.

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  • Lift the plastic frame to remove.

  • Avoid the three delicate ribbon cables.

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  • Use the flat end of the spudger to flip up the press-fit connector attaching the LED to the motherboard.

  • Remove the LED indicator light by gently pulling upward with nylon-tipped tweezers.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Above article is useful for removing LED Light.

Which LED are we removing - Camera Flash or screen display LED?

How to fit new LED Light?

Please reply. I am facing issues with screen display and flash for camera is also not working

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