If the charging cable is working but your tablet wont charge, you need to replace the charger port.

Caution: Some images display the steps using a metal spudger. Use the heavy-duty spudger instead to avoid damaging your circuits.

For more information on connectors, visit this page.

  1. The plastic opening tool may break during this step. You may need to use the heavy duty spudger instead.
    • The plastic opening tool may break during this step. You may need to use the heavy duty spudger instead.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool between the glass screen and the back cover so the curved end of the plastic opening tool is under the glass. Gently pry the back cover away from the glass screen.

    • Be sure to lift the entire display from the body and that you are not are lifting the glass from the display. You will need to reach down a little further for the correct removal.

    • Continue inserting the plastic opening tool around the whole device screen to completely separate the back cover from the glass screen.

    Note that the headphone port protrudes into the back cover framing. Hence the rest of the back needs to be unclipped and taken off first.

    Levi Howard - Reply

  2. Gently lift the screen up with your finger.
    • Gently lift the screen up with your finger.

    • If the screen will not separate from the back cover, try repeating step 1.

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    • Using your fingers, remove the green tape covering the battery connector.

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    • Insert the flat end of the heavy-duty spudger between the wires and underneath the battery connector. Carefully lift the black battery connector up to disconnect it from the motherboard.

      • The metal spudger shown in the photo is not recommended due to the possibility of an electrical short. Use an ESD-safe tool, such as a heavy-duty (nylon) spudger.

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    • The charging port cable is the black cable connected to the charger port. Using your fingers, peel the green tape off of the charging port cable connector.

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    • Using the flat end of heavy-duty spudger, carefully lift the black tab that holds the charger port cable in place.

    • Slide the cable out.

    • There is a small strip of adhesive holding the charger port cable to the battery. You may need to slide the heavy-duty spudger between the cable and the battery to slide the cable out.

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    • Use the Phillips 000 screwdriver to unscrew the two 3mm screws holding the charger port in place.

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    • Use the flat end of the heavy-duty spudger to lift the white microphone piece until it is removed from its socket.

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    • Be sure to insert the spudger underneath the charger port and not inside the charger port to avoid damaging the component

    • Slide the flat end of the heavy-duty spudger under the charger port.

    • Make sure the spudger is all the way to the back of the cavity and slide horizontally across the bottom to break the adhesive.

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    • Lift the charger port with the flat end of the heavy-duty spudger and remove it from the device.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dear John,

Why must one disconnet the battery in step 3 and 4, whilst that does not seem necessary to replace the cable & port for the charger only (steps 5-10), and NOT the battery....?

Regards, Frank

Frank du Mee - Reply

Always disconnect battery and press power button a few times to rid of any power left on device while doing repairs. especially if you are using metal tools.

Oscar C - Reply

My Tab 2 10.1 does not come apart this way. If you try it this way, it will damage the touch screen connector. Plus the cable is different. This looks more like a Tab 1.

K Meeker - Reply

Does the P5100 have the same charging port as the P7500?

julia yapkew - Reply

I always open the tablet and order the cable by part and rev number. you may order a part for a tablet and will most like be sent for a diff version.

Oscar C -

I'm having trouble after I tried replacing the charging port.

Everything for in and snapped in great except where the ribbon runs and conneconnects to the mother board. I believe i broke this plastic part, which seemed to allow the copper from the ribbon to connect with the MB.

Does anyone know where to get a replacement and what's the name of this piece? Thank you

David Thorne - Reply

If you are refering to step 6, the fpc connector will need to be soldered to the motherboard.

Oscar C -

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