We will show you how to fix your phone if you have message "Camera failed".

There are 5 steps to solve this problem.

After each step, check that your camera works.

If not - go to the next step.

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Go to:
  • Go to:

    • > Settings

    • > Application manager

    • > All

    • >Camera

  • Clear data and cache and check that the camera works. If no, go to the next step.

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Go to:
  • Go to:

    • > Settings > Backup and reset

    • > Factory data reset

    • > Reset device > Erase everithing

  • !!! This will erase all your data !!!

  • For a Hard reset using hardware keys, follow this manual:

  • Samsung Galaxy - Wipe data/Factory reset

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  • Open sammobile and make an registration.

  • Search the firmware for your model and find the variant, corresponding to your mobile phone.

  • You can see the variant from Settings > About the device, or from dialer app by entering *#1234#

  • In the download page you can find instructions and link to the Odin app.

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  • Switch off the phone and remove the battery and any SIM and memory card.

  • Remove the Midframe.

  • Disconnect the Menu buttons and the SD card reader flex cables.

  • Lift the board slightly to the left side and be careful with the earpiece and the main camera - they are stuck to the Display frame.

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  • Disconnect the LCD Display flex cable.

  • Open the camera flex cable connector and reconnect the camera.

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  • If the camera still does not work, the last step is camera replacement.

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  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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