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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rear Camera Replacement

What you need

Video Instructions


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Followed the steps and fixed my busted Camera.

Altough its better now, the focus doesn’t seem to work properly. It can only focus at a range of 30-50cm. Everything else stays slightly blurry.

Any idea why?

Rick van Melis - Reply

I have just done this, and now my phone wont turn on? However the screen shows the charging icon and the LED light comes up when its plugged in to charge. All the connections are firmly in place, not sure whats going on? Tried soft reset, tried safe mode, tried boot menu, none of which are working.


Marcus Ness - Reply

Followed all directions and everything works perfectly! Thanks for this guide!

Charie Baby - Reply

Hello I changed the sony camera to samsung camera and it worked though somebody claimed somewhere it wouldnt!!

Antti Sohlo - Reply

wish me luck, guys !!

Jah Mann - Reply

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