Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD screen replacement, USB board replacement and Home button flex replacement share the most same and complicated steps, so bring them together.

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  1. Remove SIM card tray and S pen.
    • Remove SIM card tray and S pen.

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  2. Remove back cover.
    • Remove back cover.

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    • Remove middle housing.

    double-sided tape at the top near the camera and at the bottom near the charging port

    khara27 - Reply

    • Remove battery.

    Double tape along left and right side length of battery

    khara27 - Reply

    • Release connectors on the motherboard.

    Remove both wires

    khara27 - Reply

    • Release USB board connector on the back and remove the motherboard.

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    • Remove USB board. If you replace USB board only, please be careful with the LCD screen very much. Once a defect, the screen will be cracked or broken.

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    • Push the button out from slot as the direction of mark. And then release the adhesive and remove button flex.

    • The same tips: Be careful with the LCD screen!

    What happens if this copper strip is removed?

    Lainey Yancyfjgbmp - Reply

    Can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun

    Joseph Thompson - Reply

    Can you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun.

    Joseph Thompson - Reply

    Yes u can use hair dryer

    Shaun Spivey - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hola que debo hacer si en la pantalla amoled de mi galaxy note 5 se visualiza una mancha morada y al medio negro que se esta expandiendo por toda la pantalla y al colocarlo contra la luz se visualiza internamente una rajadura lo cual no me permita utilizar correctamente el teclado para escribir mensajes.

jorge - Reply

me paso exactamente lo mismo...

solucionaste tu problema?

eselemichrisvega25 -

Cambiarla, esta internamente dañada.

msantanamontero - Reply

Do I have o replace the lcd screen if my front screen has black marks

platinummom1 - Reply

Lol that question was answered previously in Spanish (its just funny to me), but yes, it has internal damage, change the screen.

ninoabigail96 -

What is the copper plate under the battery?

jaliylawilder08 - Reply

The back of the LCD

Christopher Butera -

are all galaxy note5 home butttons the same? i mean i have a N920G and can i use one from N920F?

oscaryshy - Reply

Hola, ¿que debo hacer si la pantalla tiene una burbuja en el borde superior y se expande un poco?.

Martin Alvear - Reply

my screen has serious bleeding does the digitizer need to be replaced also or just the outer glass?

Islam Abdalla - Reply

my lcd screen is damage ,it got ink all over i cant even ready massages, and lost the S pen where can i buy the screen and the S pen

gugu -

hola me cambiaron el modulo de pantalla y ahora solo puedo activar el touch key de aplicaciones con el stylus, tampoco prende la luz a pesar de que trate de cambiar la configuracion. El otro touch funciona correctamente

drmarino - Reply

My note 5 was apparently water damaged so I was told when I bought it, it only works with spen on the bottom of the screen for calls text ect ect.. now does this mean I need to replace the digitizer or is there a fix with root access or future updates?

jlepp81 - Reply

Sorry everywhere else works with finger touch

jlepp81 - Reply

HI,my phone only shows a black screen,the other buttons work ,it also rings,get notifications ,the little top blue lights show if pressed on,but the display to see like my screen,sees who's calling me,etc...nothing basically if I replace the led will that solve the problem?? Or what do you suggest I need to do to fix it

Sonja - Reply

I changed the lcd screen the touch screen works but now the s pen doesn't work, what should I do? Did I did something wrong? Can it be fixed?

tavo0702 - Reply

I just changed my lcd also and I'm having the same problem. Did you get help or find a solution?

Angel Ortega -

You two most likely either got a part without the s-pen digi on it, or it’s defective, or the cable isn’t seated properly.

Lynn Fraaza -

help my touch button lights dont work after replacing touch screen glass!

Philemon Johnson - Reply

Try going into power setting mode and make sure that turn off touch screen lights is not checked

Christopher Butera -


I have a Samsung Note 5 N920C, international version and my LCD is broken, Do I need to get a N920C lcd or can i put a LCD of other note 5 models, like N920, or Verizon lcd?


Dionnis Daniel Perez Ureña - Reply

My note 5 N920C was hit by someones hand. Right after that, if i wanna unlock the phone the screen'll flash black and white and then it'll go blank again. The scrreen still responded coz i could still play music, receive calls and switch on the torch light without seeing a thing on the screen. And there was a time the screen was displaying its contents (this only happened when i unlocked the phone in a dark place or covered the sensors at the top of the phone with my fingers or something.

Right now it went back to flashing the screen and then going off and starting up again. Currently its just showing the blue notification icon (which isnt going off at all), i think its stuck in a startup loop or something.

dipo esan - Reply

LCD touchscreen wasn't working, phone repair shop said, replace digitizer.

Just heat gun, guitar picks, suction handle, and screwdriver.

Just reattach the LCD connector!!! :D

Save $200+ for complete LCD and digitizer replacement. Can't even get digitizer by itself, has to be with the whole LCD assembly.

Kyu Sub Lim - Reply

Are the Lcd's interchangeable?

Can I use the LCD off an Note 5 N920A to repair an Note 5 N9208 duel sim?

Richard Clarke - Reply

I am also wondering about this - have the dual sim phone and have damaged the screen. Any ideas?

Dale Graham -

can i use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun.?

Joseph Thompson - Reply

How about glu..make a video for assemble to put a glu and which one glu is use

Ibrahim Abdul Sani - Reply

How to put it back.. how to use a glue

Ibrahim Abdul Sani - Reply

Don't use glue Ibrahim Abdul Sani. I fixit will sell you adhesive strips that will be pre cut to fit perfect. You can problem get them cheaper somewhere else but when u buy a product from i fixit you know your getting a high quality one. And when your spending so much for a repair already it would be horrible to have your phone fall apart one day because you decided to buy the cheaper parts.

Jesse King -

Thanks so much for all this information, all my questions were answered. My phone is water damaged with a mostly black screen. I could fix it but it is easier to pay my $175 deductible, Might go look at new. I really like this note 5, any recommendations?

Brenda Elliott - Reply

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