How to disassemble and replace the Touch screen digitizer and the LCD display.

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Here we have Samsung Galaxy J1 with broken glass and screen.
  • Here we have Samsung Galaxy J1 with broken glass and screen.

  • We will replace the touch screen and the LCD.

  • First remove the battery and any installed SIM and memory cards.

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Under this plastic is the LCD flex cable connector.
  • Under this plastic is the LCD flex cable connector.

  • Use a tool with a needlepoint and remove it.

is it posible to change only display my touch is allright

Sa Bin Sth - Reply

  • Disconnect the LCD flex cable.

  • When I can, I always test new replacement part before I install it.

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  • Use hot air to warm the glass and to make adhesive soften.

  • With a cutter or knife start the separation.

  • When you have enough space between the glass and the frame, continue with a plastic tool.

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  • You can warm the glass again to make the separation more easy.

  • If you want to change only the touch screen, be careful, don't break the LCD.

  • Finally remove the screen and the glass from the frame.

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  • If you want to change only the glass, disconnect the touch screen flex cable and gently separate the glass from the LCD.

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  • Connect the touch screen to the LCD flex cable.

  • Put the LCD and the screen in their place.

  • Remove the protector from the touch screen.

  • Install the earpiece metal plate - take it from the old touch screen.

  • Remove the protector from the LCD (if it's new).

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  • Connect the LCD flex cable and you are ready.

I put a new screen on the phone but when I turn it on the screen is still black with light up lines. What can I do to make the phone work

Aleshia Te Slaa - Reply

Where can I get the screen to buy… please

Kingsley - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Bonjour, ou peux t on trouver l'écran et la vitre de protection ? Merci d'avance

Romain - Reply

How much is the cost for Galaxy J1 replacement glass?

Charles Young - Reply

It costs from 18€ up to 25€.

Johannes Franzen -

Gracias bro .. se ve interesante el único problema es que no se muy bien el ingles

Luis Fernando Ibarra casquete - Reply

LCD was saved and I replaced the touch and I put a new one and display was black what will be the issue solve it plzzzz

waqar - Reply

Awesome video, can you bring me a link for the touchscreen part? mi lcd its OK, but the glass is broken, im not sure wich one should i buy

christian - Reply

Hello!Need wholesale LCD screen?

txlcdsupplier - Reply

Samnsung j1 SM-j111M

Richard Moya - Reply

I can't find replacemnt for Samnsung j1 SM-j111M?

do you know what model it is compatible with it?

Richard Moya - Reply

Not charge contineu

sanu_197415 - Reply

How much is the touchscreen part for SM-J120H in Peso?

Andrew - Reply

Why is it that replacing the touch and LCD is so expensive

Chris pine ochieng - Reply

dear sir,

your thing is good but you have to work a lot on ending because it is most important part .So i hope you you improve it for others.

your faithful

krishna kedia

krishna - Reply

I want to do a full screen replacement , internal LCD and outer LCD.

Where do I order the LCD Screen . SM-J100Y


I have put a new screen on my friends Samsung galaxy J1 but it won't turn on and when it dose I'll see are lines. What do I do?

Aleshia Te Slaa - Reply

Very helpful, thank you!

Jess Price - Reply

Obrigado, primeiro conserto realizado.

David - Reply

Is J1 LCD is compatible with J1 Ace model J110H ?

Arpit Moriya - Reply

Samsung j1ace full screen replacement

erick kuyanda - Reply

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