Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus I9060i - How to disassemble and remove /replace broken touch screen glass dgitizer.

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This is Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus i9060i with broken screen.
  • This is Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus i9060i with broken screen.

  • Remove the battery and any installed SIM and memory cards.

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There are 12x small Phillips screws, remove them.
  • There are 12x small Phillips screws, remove them.

  • With a plastic tool start the disassembling from the bottom side.

  • You can use more then one plastic tool.

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  • The rear bezel is locked to the frame near to the battery connector. Use a tool with a sharp tip and unhook it.

  • Now you can separate the rear bezel.

  • This is the Loudspeaker (in case if you want to change it).

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  • Remove one Phillips screw.

  • Disconnect:

    • Vloume UP/DWN buttons flex cable and Power ON button flex cable.

    • LCD flex cable

    • Front camera

    • Audio jack flex cable

  • Now gently remove the logic board.

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  • Remove the front camera.

  • Disconnect the touchscreen flex cable and unstuck it from the middle frame.

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  • At the bottom side, under the touch screen glass is the menu buttons flex cable. Be careful for it when you separating the glass from the frame.

  • Warm the glass. This will soften the adhesive tape. You can use hot air gun or hair dryer.

  • With a plastic tool start the separation at the upper side.

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  • You can warm the glass again to separate the glass easier.

  • Gently unstuck the menu buttons flex cable and remove the glass.

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  • There is a small plate in the touch screen flex cable slot. Remove it to allow the flex cable of the new touch screen to pass.

  • Remove the remnants of the adhesive sticker and clean the LCD.

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  • Install the new touch screen and start with the reassembling.

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  • That's all. Thanks!

I have done all that but the swipe isn't working all the screen is normal colours but I don't know why its not working

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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very much helpful..this guide saved my repairing charge...this page is awesome..

Pravesh - Reply

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