Use this guide to replace a broken display or cracked glass of your Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016).

  1. Start by switching off your phone.
    • Start by switching off your phone.

    • Take an iOpener to heat up and soften the glue behind the back cover.

    • Lift the bottom part of your back cover with a suction handle and insert an opening pick.

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  2. Slide the opening pick up to the rear camera to separate the back cover from the frame.
    • Slide the opening pick up to the rear camera to separate the back cover from the frame.

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    • Insert a second opening pick and move around the other corner at the bottom part of the back cover.

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    • Move the second pick along the left side of the back cover to loosen the adhesive.

    • Move around the upper left corner and loosen the adhesive above the rear camera.

    • After loosening all the edges and sides of the back cover use an iOpener to loosen the adhesive underneath the center of it.

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    • Insert a plastic card at the bottom and slide it underneath the back cover.

    • Separate the glue until you reach the rear camera.

    • Now you can slowly lift up the back cover and finally remove it.

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    • Remove the SIM card tray.

    • Remove the 16 Phillips #00 screws on the midframe.

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    • Push the exposed part of the battery away from the midframe to separate the components.

    • Remove the midframe.

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    • With the flat end of a spudger disconnect the display cable.

    • Heat up the glue behind the display with an iOpener.

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    • Use a Jimmy to get between the frame and the front panel.

    • Pry up the display unit just a bit so you can put an opening pick behind the display.

      • Pay attention to the display cable.

    • Slide down the side to separate the glue. At the bottom you can insert the opening pick further to keep the adhesive from resealing.

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    • Repeat the same procedure on the other side.

    • Here you can insert the opening pick as far as half of an inch to get the glue off behind the battery.

    • Be aware that the display cable runs along the top.

    • Slide down to where the display ends.

    It needs to be noted that the Display cable runs along the top of the screen on a soft rubbon with circuit components so when going round the top edge try to go no further that about 3 mm, m MAX. Any further and you may damage or tear the cable.

    James Collins - Reply

    • Now slide along the bottom to get the glue off.

    • Be careful, there are two touch buttons on each side behind the front panel. In the middle only go as deep as where the home button begins.

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    • Re-heat the display unit for the next few steps.

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    • On the left hand side (where the motherboard sits) replace the opening pick with a plastic card to get to the glue behind the battery.

    • Continue separating the adhesive until you reach the display cable.

    Salve ho sostituito il display come mostrato ma rimane sempre nero pur essendo funzionante il telefono. Si accendono i tasti, squilla riceve email ma lo schermo rimane nero. Mi sapreste dire cosa può essere?

    Alcibiade - Reply

    Ciao Alcibiade! Controlla se il connettore del cavo del display è ben collegato (passo 9). Puoi anche pulire il connettore con cautela e alcol ad alta concentrazione (+90%). Se non funziona ancora, è molto probabile che il display sia difettoso… Buona riparazione!

    Claire Rapp -

    • Separate the display from the display frame and cut the remaining glue at the top with an opening pick.

    • Carefully slide the display cable out of the slot in the display frame.

    • Before you start reassembling plug the new display to the motherboard and perform a short test by powering on your phone. See if the display lights up and the touch works properly.

    • Remove any adhesive from the display and rear glass and reapply as necessary.

    Sehr anschaulich, aber: Wie kann ich das Display nach Anschluss an das Motherboard testen? muß ich dazu die Schutzfolie bereits entfernen?

    Die Computeroma

    Barbara Friedrich - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Reapply adhesive where necessary.

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Super Beschreibung hat alles genau so funktioniert

Bernhard Lejeune - Reply

Der schnellste Weg ist, wenn du das Gerät mit dem Akku nach oben legst und das Display links daneben, mit Bildschirm nach oben. Dann kannst du das Displaykabel anschließen (ohne durch den Rahmen zu fädeln) und das Telefon einschalten indem du die beiden Kontakte unter dem Displaykabel kurz überbrückst (z.B. mit einer Büroklammer – das sind die Kontakte für den Einschalter am Mittelrahmen).

Die saubere Lösung wäre, das Displaykabel durchzufädeln, anzuschließen und den Mittelrahmen von hinten wieder drauf zu klipsen, damit der Einschalter ordentlich genutzt werden kann.

Die Schutzfolie des Displays brauchst du für den Test nicht unbedingt abzunehmen, der Touch sollte auch so funktionieren (evtl muss man ein klein wenig fester drücken).

Wenn alles funktioniert, kannst du alle Schutzfolien entfernen und das Display richtig verkleben und einbauen.

Tobias Isakeit -

Hat alles sehr gut funktioniert. Die beiden Touch Tasten (Zurück und “Menü”) funktionieren leider nur mit etwas druck bzw. nach öfterem drücken. Hat jemand einen Tipp an was das liegen könnte? Vielen Dank

d.kitzberger - Reply

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