Follow these steps if you are experiencing uneven print quality or lines in your printed documents.

  1. Turn the printer off and wait a few minutes for it to cool.
    • Turn the printer off and wait a few minutes for it to cool.

  2. Pull paper tray out and set aside.
    • Pull paper tray out and set aside.

    • Open the front cover.

    • Pull the waste toner container out of the printer using the handle.

    • Make sure to keep waste toner container upright to avoid spillage.

    • Pull the imaging unit out of the printer using bottom handle.

    • Use green handle on top of imaging unit to steady unit as you pull it out.

    • At this point you can set the printer aside as you will only need the imaging unit to continue repair.

    • Remove these two screws.

    • Do not expose imaging unit to light for more than a few minutes. Covering unit with a piece of paper is sufficient protection while you complete repair.

    • Carefully pry plastic arm away from main unit.

    • Carefully pry plastic from screw base so that the entire organic photo conductor piece slides open to the left.

    • When removing the organic photo conductor take care to not lose the small spring on the back left.

    • At this point you may want to put on plastic gloves to keep from staining hands with printer ink.

    • Slide each toner transfer unit out separately, placing all aside except for the black toner transfer unit.

    • Keep toner rollers level to avoid toner spillage.

    • Remove these five screws from the top of the black toner transfer unit.

    • Remove main and smaller z-shaped plates.

    • Remove these three screws from the right end of the toner transfer unit.

    • Remove plastic end piece.

    • Gently pull out black toner roller.

    • Insert new roller in place of old roller turning slightly to fit.

    • Be careful not to pinch small foam square when inserting new roller.

    • Cover new roller with toner by rotating roller by hand.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I need more information pertaining step 8. In order to separate the parts, in which directions should the be moved first and where is the best point to apply force ?

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