Step by step guide for disassembling your SELP150 Sony Lens. Great for Jammed Lens repairs.

  1. Remove the 4 screws -(4 x 6mm)
    • Remove the 4 screws -(4 x 6mm)

    • For reassembly make note of the gold contacts with respect to the serial number for proper positioning.

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  2. Remove the 3 Board Cushions
    • Remove the 3 Board Cushions

      • These can get lost easily and is why we remove these first. Place these in a small plastic bag or in a safe secure location. Be careful with ESD. Static Discharge can short your board.

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    • Notice positioning

    • Use spudger or other method to release ziff clamp and remove flex cable.

    • Note: Gold Fingers facing up for reassembly notes. Ziff clamps break easily so be careful.

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    • Open the 3 Ziff clamps carefully and remove the Flex Cables.

    • Notice White Mount Dot and Main PCB Orientation to help with re-assembly

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    • Remove 4 - 4mm screws. Once removed the barrel will release and extend.

    • Make a marking (i used white) to align with the White marking on the Focus ring to make re-assembly easier

    • Notice the 3 Grooves. These are the slide grooves where the barrel moves up and down. You will need to release the pins from the grooves at each point - one by one by using pressure.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Apply pressure out the outter tip near pin pushing in slightly and gently release the pin from the barrel. Do this on all three locations where the pins are located.

    • I have seen people push the focus ring outward to release the pins... which works but you need to be careful because the focus ring is fragile and it can bend easy. If you bend the focus ring then you will have a lens that jams.

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    • Remove 2 screws 2 x 4mm (black screws with a tight thread)

    • Remove 1 screw 1 x 3mm

    • Remove metal plate (see arrow)... review orientation before removing.

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    • Next to your previous mark make a mark on the outer barrel to help with re-assembly.. That mark will line up with 0.25m lettering on the front barrel

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    • Ok so here is how to remove the inner barrel. Twist the gear teeth in the direction of the arrow as far as it will go until you get a gap similar to picture #2

    • Shows already in twisted position. Now just pull up on the middle barrel (glass housing) until the lens mechanism starts to twist.

    I don’t know but it won’t pull up :(

    Jay Bunny (Jaycee) - Reply

    • Pull up on inner part (glass housing). The barrel will begin to twist. Notice Extended notch. Twist until the Notch descends. Stop when notch descends.

    • Picture shows notch has descended. Now you can twist rear part until it releases and remove it. Be careful in removing. Make sure it removes freely. There are tabs that can break off if forced.

    • Twist until inner barrel releases and drops from groove. Mark the point where barrel releases and remove groove tube.

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    • Remove groove tub

    • Mark as shown to line up with previous marks. Remove aperature tube from front glass tube

    • Release Flex Cable

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    • Remove 3 Screws 3 x 3mm

    • Remove aperature

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    • For reassembly just re-assemble the aperature unit then attach the groove tube as shown

    • There are two groove notches as shown in the photo. Slide the 2 notches into the 2 grooves exactly as shown.. push in until they twist into the groove.

    • Line up groove and attach the front tube. Use the marks you made to line everything up and reverse the disassembly to finish assembly. If you need help you can always drop us an email.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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moisture got into lens and I need to clean all glass. How do I completely disassemble to get inside of lenses?

Elmer Fudd - Reply

This tear down should give you access to the outer glass elements; however, it will not give you access to the 2 part enclosed glass elements.

Sales Cameraparts4you - Reply

How to replace Operational Barrel Assembly?

matmad91 - Reply

I bought a spare part of the stationary Barrel assembly is not joining with outer barrel assembly. The part number is correct, but the stationary barely is supposed to easily slide into the outer barrel, and this is not happening. Any thoughts ?

suraj - Reply

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