These instructions will show you how to remove and replace the ball-bearings inside the wheels of four cornered "quad" roller skates. It is important to clean or replace the bearings regularly so the skates function properly.



  1. Remove the wheel
    • Remove the wheel

      • Grip the nut with the pliers and rotate counter-clockwise until loose.

      • Remove the nut and the wheel from the axle.

      • Try not to lose the washer (the small metal disc) between the center of the axle and the wheel.

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  2. Remove the bearings
    • Remove the bearings

      • Place the wheel partially onto the axle so it is only touching the first bearing.

      • Twist the wheel downward to free the bearing from its socket.

      • Repeat this step for both bearings.

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    • Place new bearings inside the wheel

      • Place the bearing onto the axle with the cover facing downward.

      • The bearing cover is the plastic or metal centerpiece that protects the steel balls from dirt and grime. It is normally a different color from the rest of the bearing (for an example, ours are red). Some bearings have covers on both sides, in which case it doesn't matter which side they are facing.

      • Place the wheel onto the axle and force it down onto the bearing. This will force the bearing into the socket.

      • Repeat these steps for both bearings.

      • Make sure both bearing covers are facing outward from the center of the wheel.

      • If you do not have new bearings, there is a bearing cleaning guide you can use to make your old ones good as new.

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    • Place the wheel back onto the axle

      • To ensure that the wheel is facing the proper direction, make sure the decals on the wheel are facing outward.

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    • Secure the wheel into place

      • Place the nut onto the axle.

      • Grip the nut with the pliers.

      • Rotate clockwise until tight. There should be a tiny bit of space between the nut and the wheel.

      • Try not to tighten the nut too much or else the wheel may not spin effectively.

      • If one of your wheels still doesn't spin as well as the rest, check to make sure the bearings are fully placed in their sockets.

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    • Repeat steps 1-5 for each wheel

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Congratulations! You now have a new set of bearings. Give those wheels a proper spin.


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