This guide will take you through the most basic disassembly of the Apple Wireless Keyboard (A1314);

Replacing the logic board assembly and stuck batteries.


No parts required.

  1. Twist it open, counter clockwise.
    • Twist it open, counter clockwise.

    • If it's still like new, you should be able to do this easily with your thumbnail. If not, try using a coin, or a large flathead screwdriver.

    • The batteries should slide out easily. If your batteries are stuck, you can leave them for now. You'll be able to deal with them later.

  2. Now turn over the keyboard, to find the find the plastic cover underneath.
    • Now turn over the keyboard, to find the find the plastic cover underneath.

    • Squeeze on each end of the plastic cover, lifting one side up.

    • Be careful not to use excessive force here, or you might damage the cover, or the logic board underneath it.

    • Now remove that one little philips screw, holding the logic board assembly in place.

    • Lift up the small tightening lever on the ribbon connector, and carefully loosen the brittle ribbon cable.

    • Be extra careful with the ribbon cable. It is very thin and gets easily damaged, if you use force.

    • Now (still being conscious of not damaging the ribbon cable), you can start pushing the whole assembly out, power button first. I've marked the power button, so you'll know what I mean.

    • As you you continue pulling it all the way, toward the end, it'll get stuck, and you will need to press the underside of the white plastic a little, to get it out all the way.

    • If your batteries are stuck, then this is when you will be able to remove then. The space is now clear, and you can use something like a long screwdriver, to poke through the cylinder and push out your stuck batteries. (I recommend pushing them out, the same way you put them in, again to avoid damaging the ribbon cable).

    • There you have it. You're done.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My keyboard has the same model number as the unit described here, but the plastic cover is at the end near the power button. Although I could remove the cover and small screw inside, I was unable to remove the ribbon cable.

I tried banging the stuck battery out of the keyboard until I was sure it would be ruined. With only 1cm of progress, I decided to take the battery out by setting a screw and pulling it out like a fish on a hook. Here's what I did:

1. Poke a hole in the bottom of the stuck battery with an ice pick

2. Create a 'fish hook and line' by wrapping a coat hanger around the end of a big gnarly wood screw.

3. Carefully screw into the battery until it is most of the way in.

4. fit the coat hanger through a narrow gap (drill a hole in a board) and pull with all your might to drag the battery out of the keyboard.

5. Clean out the hole to get rid of the rotten battery debris

6. Pop in some new batteries, and Hey-Presto! it works.

I have a great picture of this if there is a way to upload one.

John Taylor - Reply

My plastic cover is in the middle and I can't get at it any suggestions? Thanks

Patricia colonese - Reply

The Apple wireless keyboard that has the plastic cover located on the end is not the A1314 (which requires two AA Batteries);but, is the A1255 (which uses three AA batteries).

Ludwig - Reply

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I had the inner battery corrode and seal itself inside the keyboard battery panel, and I tried everything from freezing it and then exposing it to high heat to loosen the battery, to glueing the end of the batt to some wood to try to pull it out. Your method SAVED ME from buying a new one and I’m genuinely thankful for this instruction manual. Thanks again man!!!

Roman Yang - Reply

Followed instructions as described and, apart from the small screw being stubborn to remove , it all went very well. thanks for your contribution. You are assured of a place in heaven when the time comes!!!

Roger - Reply

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