If your machine stops working, giving you a E17 error, the manual states there is an issue with the water. This guide will help you try fixing one potential reason of this error occurring.


No parts required.

  • Please follow the manual that was delivered with your machine first, as this guide will only fix one very specific cause of the E17 error and there are many others that are easier to fix. If your E17 warning started after your washing machine started 'walking' this guide might be applicable.

  • First: Make sure you disconnect any (power) cable and take any measures needed to work safe.

  • Please note: You might void your guarantee. This manual was created after looking what a professional service engineer actually checked and fixed.

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  • To check the cable that might have come loose, we need to remove the top-lid (think before you act: this may void any guarantee by Siemens!). There are two screws at the back of the machine that need to be removed to be able to move the top-lid to the back and lift it.

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  • Now you can look into the machine. Don't touch! Just look if you see a black empty cable hanging loose (see middle of the photo). If so, you actually have this problem, otherwise you have a random other problem and this guide is not for you.

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  • The black cable should be connected into the white holder in the bottom of the detector (in the top of the photo). Reconnect it.

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  • Put the top-lid back, and your done. Please make sure the machine is stable and run a wash.

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Worked for me, thanks!

hpcosme - Reply

First chech if there is any water at all. Malfunction of a waterlock gives the same error and has nothing to do with your washingmachine.

aldowillebrands - Reply

First checked inlate pipe of filter washing machine. is clean. and then water tap of water is coming properly pressure. if all is right. and then washing machine start.

sarfarazahmad993051 - Reply

Worked for me today!!:-) then i can cancel the service man!!:-) tanx!!

Rune Amdam - Reply

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