A loose actuator screw makes the toothbrush useless as it prevents the engine to drive the actual toothbrush that is attached to the top of the device. However, repairing this failure can be achieved in just a few steps.

  1. You will need two screwdrivers:
    • You will need two screwdrivers:

      • a 6.5mm flathead and

      • a small Phillips #1.

  2. Take the flathead screwdriver.
    • Take the flathead screwdriver.

      • Insert it into the slot located at the bottom of the handle and turn counterclockwise to release the bottom cap.

      • The second image shows the amount of turning needed to loosen the bottom cap.

      • Be careful with this as the plastic is not very solid. Deforming the material could result in issues when placing the device onto the charging station.

    • Hold the handle upside down, and push down on the shaft to release the internal components of the handle.

    • Carefully pull the internals out of the casing.

    • Take the small Phillips screwdriver.

      • Tighten the small screw that can be found near the top of the device internals

    • Pro tip: I experienced that the screw comes loose after just a few days if you do not take further actions.

      • Hence, unscrew the screw completely and put some superglue at the end of it. Then tighten it again. This prevents the screw to get loose due to the vibrations.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. Be sure not to insert the internals of the device twisted. Close the device by using the flathead screwdriver and imposing some pressure upon it. Finally, if the internals are in the enclosure close the device by turning the bottom cap clockwise.

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thanks for that one - you rescued ours from a premature trip to the landfill :)

Olaf Draeger - Reply

Great guide. Thanks. I just tried doing this to mine but quickly found that the housing the screw goes into was broken completely in half. I wonder if I JB Weld would be strong enough to hold it together.

chiefbozz - Reply

Excellent guide; a simple fix saves $$ and waste. Thanks!!

David Sands - Reply

Thank you! It's realy help me!

Алексей Жерихин - Reply

Did the superglue tip work longterm? I'm just concerned if this approach fails then the glue residue is a mess along the threads. Send feedback!

Gideon - Reply

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