Sometimes the motor stops, heating still is in function. You can fix this in 15 min.

  1. Heat up to 50°C/120°F in oven in order to make the clips inside smooth.
    • Heat up to 50°C/120°F in oven in order to make the clips inside smooth.

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  2. Open the bottom with a strong screwdriver. Be careful not to break the clips inside
    • Open the bottom with a strong screwdriver. Be careful not to break the clips inside

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    • Pull out the circuit board and the motor. The on/off switch must be pressed out

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    • The black and the red contacts leading to the motor must be swapped. Pull the little plug. With a little screwdriver press the contact spring, pull out the cable.

    Yeah, I'm curious to know why/how reversing the motor leads would have any positive influence on this fix.

    Cameron Miller - Reply

    Yes! Strange, I really don't know. Someone told me this trick and it worked out great.

    VauWeh -

    My frother was turning a few times and then stopped. reversing the wires fixed the problem and now it runs backwards but that doesnt matter.

    rractivand - Reply

    • Carefully embed the thermal contact in conducting paste. Then press bottom into body until you hear a clic threee times. At last switch must be pressed in.

    Und was ist den beiden Magneten die beim Öffnen rausfallen? Wie genau werden diese wieder eingebaut?

    Mark - Reply

    Hmm. Bei mir war das nicht so. Wohl die Antriebsmagnete, wahrscheinlich die Ursache für den Ausfall. Bei Youtube gibt es video, wo einer den Motor austauscht, da müsste man auch die Magnete sehen...

    VauWeh -

    War super einfach und es funktioniert


    peter - Reply


To proof the function use water.

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Bravo, vielen Dank. Hat bestens funktioniert, in 5 min war alles erledigt!

jschiedermair - Reply

Many thanks!

I couldn't believe reversing polarity would work, but it did!


jeroenvaneijk - Reply

Yes, It's a miracle.

VauWeh -

Yes, it's a miracle. :-)

VauWeh -

Gibt's da auch eine technische Begründung dazu, warum der bloße Tausch der Motoranschlüsse den Fehler behebt?

Ich würd's nur gerne verstehen.

Georg Sunkler - Reply

Verstehen würd ichs auch gern. Vielleicht weiß jemand die Antwort - ich nicht...

VauWeh -

Es hat super funktioniert. Ein paar kleine Macken hat er jetzt, aber er läuft!

Groh - Reply

worked for me as well, although I destroyed 2 of the 3 clips when opening - but it seems to stick ...

Christoph schwaiger - Reply

"backing" was the missing link to open it.

Thanks a lot!!

I used paper clips to lift the bottom (based on a video-clip by chaindriven,

Changing the polarity at the motor was easier for me than changing the pins in the connector.

Christian - Reply

sorry, forgot a remark:

check the quality and spreading of the thermal paste. It´s necessary for a good contact between heating plate and sensor.

Christian - Reply

Super geniale Anleitung. Ifixit *****

It Works :-)


Claudia Blankenhagen - Reply

Much Appreciate !!

it was working well by this repair SOP.

Thank you very much :)

PO K-JP - Reply

Hey hello.

I have a problem with my nespresso, it’s working ok the buttom of on/hot/cold and the motor is ok or is what i think because it do the spin function, But the milk does not heat up, it only goes cold.

if someone have a solution about this pls help me.

Sorry for my bad english.


I cannot be more grateful!!!

Elena A. - Reply

Hice lo mismo que la explicación y funciono pero solo duro un día. Da una vuelta y deja de girar. Alguna ayuda?

arielkorkes - Reply

Hola ha logrado solucionarlo? Me ocurre lo mismo , un saludo

josemaresco -

Works! Thank you!!

Georg Lalagas - Reply

Re: question by Georg Sunkler: I fixed my Aeroccino two years ago using the above method and it worked well until recently when the same symptoms appeared. I again carried out the above and it worked for a few tests with water and then the the motor started running weakly and stopped. I opened up again and this time removed and opened the motor and cleaned the motor’s commutator and brushes with a small, fine file and reassembled. The motor now spins very strongly again. I think what happens it that over time the motor’s commutator and brushes build carbon from the tiny arc that is part of a normal motors running until the carbon buildup reduces strength and the motor stops working. Reversing the polarity and running the motor in the reverse direction has the effect of cleaning the carbon off the brushes and the commutator and for a time it works well until carbon builds up again at which time a thorough clean of the motor, as described above becomes necessary.

Ronnie - Reply

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