This fix will only work for the known overheatimg problem of NO. 1 X6800, which hat two batterys.

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures.

You need a torx screwdriver,

a flathead screwdriver and

a soldering iron or a scissor.

  • Remove the back of the phone with the flathead screwdriver.

  • Remove the extern 6000 mAh-battery and all SIM-Cards + memory card.

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  • Remove the 14 torx-screws.

  • Remove the 6 clamps, which hold the phone together and open the Phone. Do this gently! They get damaged really easily!

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Black Friday
Broken doesn't stand a chance.
  • Now you can see the intern battery. It's bonded to the plate with a glue strip.

  • Remove the wires, connected with the battery with a soldering iron or a scissor.

  • Gently remove the intern battery. DO NOT crush or bust it. DANGEROUS.

  • Make sure the switch for switching between the batterys is not damaged and uses the extern battery. Do NOT remove it.

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  • Reassemble the phone by putting the clambs on, turn the torx-screws in, put your SIM-Card(s) and the memory card back in. Insert the extern battery, close the back of the phone with the flathead screwdriver and you're done.

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