The Dell U2711 Monitor has a problem with unstable contacts due to corrosion. The symptom is a flickering screen. Knocking on the top of the monitor can make this symptom go away for a while, but a longer term solution is to clean the contacts.

The problem can be seen in this video:

Lay the display on a desk with the front facing down. Best use a towel to save the desk and display from scratching.
  • Lay the display on a desk with the front facing down. Best use a towel to save the desk and display from scratching.

  • Unscrew the four hex screws that secure the stand.

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Starting opposite of the buttons, pray open the display bezel with a plectrum.
  • Starting opposite of the buttons, pray open the display bezel with a plectrum.

  • You have to apply some force.

  • Don't lift the rear panel higher than two centimeters. There are delicate flat cables on the button side which might be damaged.

  • Be extra careful at the buttons, you don't want to damage a cable.

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  • Unplug the USB cable of the card reader.

  • Remove the rear cover.

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  • Remove the shiny cover in the middle.

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  • There are two black connectors below the cover.

  • Unplug both and treat with contact spray.

  • Plug both back in.

  • Reassemble the display.

  • You should be fine for a while. Notice that the corrorsion might return in a few months.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This sounded too good to be true, but it worked for me. Start with the corner away from teh power button and really have to force it apart. Just not too far apart!

Be careful with the connectors too. I left a broken piece of plastic in my monitor.

Kevin - Reply

Worked for me too!!! Ended up with slightly chipped casing... but who cares! i now have a as-good-as-new screen image....

So glad i found this post... was initially exploring replacing capacitors method.... but didn't start..... glad i do not need to go to that route anymore.

For anyone looking for this, you should have 1) an electrical contact cleaner and 2) TORX screwdriver!!

Danny Tan - Reply

Once I took my U2711 apart, the connectors didn't look too corroded (in fact, they looked fine) but the process of cleaning them and unseating the connectors has fixed the flickering! Thanks a lot! took me about 15 minutes!

Anthony Sist - Reply

Took about 10 minutes .... first repair after having this monitor since they were first released ..... Back to loving my Dell again :)

Martin Suckling - Reply

Anyone know a way to open these w/o any damage? Mines mint and its a monitor my dad gave me before he died so I am on a mission to get it fixed or fix it myself which ever gets me the best results...

Neccros - Reply

Thank you for this guide!

Getting the bezel apart is by far the hardest part. You've got to make sure to pry it open starting where there isn't a clip then move slowly around the monitor. After that the rest of the repair was relatively easy. I cleaned the connector (M and F ends) with contact cleaner and q-tips. Then I used the iFixit screwdriver with the smallest flat head to scrub (LIGHTLY) the tops and all sides of the pins. I think that is what really cleaned them off because the shiny metal started to show through

jacobmcclain - Reply

That work fine!

Don't pull the cover to much while opening around to avoid breaking plastic clips.

Thanks for this trick.


stabilo - Reply

dint work .. made the problem worse than before worked for a few day and then was back to a worse state .

Sharan Shetty - Reply

Thanks a lot

it works !

but this guide is missing some more steps.

You should also clean the other end of the cable

thanks to comment in

the next steps are:

Remove the side metal cover with two screws. (left on the pic from step 4)

take care while removing about the connected cables: there is one under the cover, and 3 flat cables that goes to the screen buttons

Remove the large top metal cover and board with the 4 screws and pull off the cable to the side.

There are two cables that get pinched together on the board to remove them. The other ends are metallic and are the trouble makers. Clean with contact cleaner all of these connecters.

I took more picture and could contribute to this guide but seems I don't have permissions :(

axel - Reply

Thanks! Indeed not difficult. I used 2 steak knives to open the case. The beginning is a bit tough i.e. have to push your tool (e.g. plectrum, knife whatever) under the grey band around the screen for about 4mm. The tip is than far enough in to use as a lever to push the front of the screen off (i.e. plastic extends 4-6mm behind the grey band.

Comments by Alex are great as well. Thanks. Additional tip - to remove the flat cable connector from the main PCB, you have to flip open the connector i.e. not pull it out but flip the black part of the connector upwards.

Used WD-40 iso contact fluid. Cleans less probably, but at least should give a better durability of the fix.

Martin - Reply

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