I Intend to show you how to safely remove the battery.

  1. Remove all 10 Torx T5 Screws
    • Remove all 10 Torx T5 Screws

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  2. Flip the hold down up
    • Flip the hold down up

    • Remove the cable

    • Repeat for second cable

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Unclip hold-down

    • Remove cable

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    • Use a spudger to disconnect the plug from the connector by pulling it away from the socket, parallel to the board.

    • Bend the connector backwards to prevent it from getting in the way of the motherboard.

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    • Remove the 7 battery screws

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    • Remove the battery by pulling up from the side closest to the motherboard

    • Be careful of the other cables and the battery cable

    • You will have to lift up just a bit, then slide forward to clear one cable and the back cover screws

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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i want buy a battery for razer blade but I can't buy it anywhere

Please help me, my battery only 20% heathly

dinhphucloctmx - Reply

It seems that the only way to get the battery replaced is to send the laptop to Razer directly. According to others it costs about $200 plus shipping and so on. Unless you find something on eBay or that sort of thing.

tallme15 -

May I have a detailed guide on how you remove the cable over the battery, please? I am not used to taking machines apart, and wouldn't want to risk ruining my laptop. (didn't quite understand your pictures)

ceci - Reply

The only way to remove the cable is to work it out with a set of tweezers and be gentle not to pull the cables lose from the connector.

Samer Sultan -

Thank you for these instructions, it was very helpful, the only problem is now that the new battery has been installed, it will only charge to 73% and while its still plugged in the battery will drain down to 0%, is there a fix for this problem?

Jay - Reply

This is likely an issue with the new battery you got. The only suggestion that I could give you is to check the battery connections. If your old battery held even a bit of charge for a while its would be a pretty good indication that you have a dud. Although if the old battery acted similarly it could be possible that there is a fault in the laptops battery controller circuit.

tallme15 -

Is it posible to use the laptop without the battery ? Mine is swollen and just holds up 1 min of charge. I´m not living now on a country covered by razer RMA.

Matheus - Reply

Yes you can. I am running without the battery right now, just for testing purposes.

Ivan Barrera -

Thank you! Only took me roughly 40 minutes with no prior experience whatsoever. My Razer Blade is running brand new and no longer needs to be plugged in all the time to actually work.

איתן חצבני - Reply

Where did you get a new battery ?

Ivan Barrera -

Are there any differences to be aware of with the Razer Blade 14 2015 model? Also, is it the same battery for the 2015 as the 2013?

Robert Sims - Reply

I just did this on my Razer Blade 2014 (also disconnected the motherboard and replaced my keyboard), and everything was exactly the same. Assuming these instructions will remain the same for several years’ worth of versions.

Caffeinsomniac -

where would you purchase a new battery? I would rather do it myself then spend alot of money in shipping, and labor as well as being without my laptop for awhile.

Rose Dunstan - Reply

I purchased my genuine replacement battery on eBay, as Razer no longer carries them/supports older models like my Blade 2014.

Caffeinsomniac -

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