No tools required.


No parts required.

Turn off the computer.
  • Turn off the computer.

  • Before each operation it is important to start with the removal of the accumulator.

  • Take the slide unlocked into position, remove the battery.

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Using the screwdriver Philips # 1, unscrew the 5 fixing screws of the cover.
  • Using the screwdriver Philips # 1, unscrew the 5 fixing screws of the cover.

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  • Push the screwdriver a few millimeters under the cover so that it can be touched with your fingers.

  • Now lift the cover carefully.

  • Attention! Disconnect the ventillator cable so that the cover can be completely removed (see next step).

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  • Since the ventillator is mounted under the cover, its power supply cable must first be disconnected so that the cover can then be completely removed.

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  • Using the Phillips # 1 screwdriver, unscrew the 3 mounting screws of the processor heat sink.

  • Note position of marker triangle as this will determine the positioning of the processor during replacement.

  • Unlock the coupling system of the processor with a classic screwdriver.

  • Make sure that you do not remove the heat-dissipating paste between the processor and the heat sink, as this is the only way to ensure that the processor is properly cooled.

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  • Carefully disconnect the processor from its holder.

  • Now place the processor aside, taking into account the position of the triangle.

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For reassembly, follow the instructions in the reverse order

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