Sony now has 3 different models of it's PS4 game console. This is the latest version and it has been changed a lot. We tore it apart to see what's different.

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  1. CUH-1200A Unboxing
    • CUH-1200A Unboxing

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  2. The hard drive cover slides off just like on previous models.
    • The hard drive cover slides off just like on previous models.

    What is different about it?

    TronicsFix - Reply

    i know the model i have (CUH-1215 jet black star wars collection bundle) does not just slide off like the older versions :(

    daniellavon4321 -

    Actually, it does. All 1200 series have removable hard drive covers that just slide off. They are usually a bit harder to remove, but they do come off the same way.

    TronicsFix - Reply

    i think i need the Hulk to remove the cover it just wont come off :/ (1216 glacier white)

    Whome - - Reply

    What is the little black square mounted up the hard drive case called?

    Traymonte Hulme - Reply

    • The hard drive has one screw that needs to come out then it slides right out.

    • You'll need a PH 0 screwdriver for this step.

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    • Using a pick or something similar, peel off the warranty stickers to reveal two black T9 security torx screws.

    • Remove the two T9 security torx screws.

    • This is the first major revision we find...there are only two screws that hold the plastics on. The previous models had four.

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    • FIRST remove the two screws securing the top cover to the PS4. Removing the top cover will be easier if you follow these steps in order:

      • 1) Grab underneath of the top cover near the power button.

      • 2) Pull will hear it click or snap as you pull up.

      • 3) Move your hand over to the opposite side of the top cover and pull up here as well.

      • 4) After puling up both sides of the top cover it should now slide back and off of the PS4.

    • We now have our first view of the inside of the CUH 1200. The first thing we notice is that the motherboard is much, much smaller and the APU clamp has been completely redesigned. The inside of this model is completely different than previous models.

    The cuh-1215(A) has 2 more t9s at this point, the plastic retainer clip adhered along the left underside of the top cover, (shown between thumb and HDD in image 1 of this step) had 1 right there in front, and 1 about 1/2 way to the back of the console. (Empty screw-hole shown in step 14, image 1 below) At the bottom, and top right corners of the HDD enclosure, respectively.

    Thor - Reply

    • To remove the bottom cover you'll need to pull up very hard on each side of the cover near the back of the console.

    • You may be able to pull just with your hands but you might also need to use some opening tools to pry it off.

    • We get our first view of the components on the underside of the console. Looks like we have a redesigned power supply and optical drive.

    There are two more screws ...

    jbadarani - Reply

    Can't get back piece off. Pulling hard. There is only 1 screw on the bottom right? No hidden ones?

    Dustin Null - Reply

    using a jimmy makes this a breeze

    wyatt Faught - Reply

    I have a CUH-1202A that I cant get past this step. I’ve pulled so hard I think the casing is about to break. Anyone have any ideas or a more detailed description of how to use a jimmy?

    Leslie Pogson - Reply

    Ok, I got it off. I pulled the case apart and made a small gap near the corners. Wedged some tweezers in the gap, levered it and made a larger gap for a screwdriver. Levered that and it popped off.

    It damaged the edges of the case but wont be noticeable once its all back together.

    Leslie Pogson - Reply

    I used a spudger to pry about 1/4” in from the back on each side and the cover just fell off.

    Shawn Hime - Reply

    • After we remove the bottom plastic we see the physical eject button that Sony has decided to use. This is another significant change over the previous models.

    • We're guessing this change is to help prevent the "random ejecting" of discs that plagued the previous models.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Remove the three T9 torx screws then the two phillips PH 0 long screws.

    • Pull up on the left side (the side without the four wires), then on the right side. The right side of the power supply will be harder to pull up on so you'll need to pull firmly.

    • After you get it loose you'll be able to pull it up a bit but it will still be connected by the four wire connector so don't pull it all the way out until that has been disconnected (shown in the next step).

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    • You'll need to disconnect this four wire connector from the motherboard.

    • The best way we've found is to use mini pliers. Pull up on one side then the other. Go back and fourth one side at a time until it pops off.

    • The power supply can now be removed.

    • Use caution as this connector is easily pulled off the motherboard.

    • Be sure that you are pulling on the connector for the wires that go to the power supply itself and NOT on the connector on the motherboard.

    I found that if you use a xacto knife or box cutter slide it down the flat side lessens it right up but still use caution it's a tough littlet connection

    Gregg Cobb - Reply

    The plastic fuse-puller that comes stock in most 90's+ vehicles, (inside fusebox cover) works great. Locking equal plastic grip on both sides.

    Thor - Reply

    i need help i could possibly break it how do i do it on the model 1216a

    RNB - Reply

    I broke it. I feel so bad. FML

    Tsvetan Manev - Reply

    I broke the connector on the motherboard. Do I need to replace the mother board now?

    srgeorgio - Reply

    I found that an easier way was to deconnect the cable from the power supply unit instead of the mainboard. It should be less risky since you’re going to exchange the old PSU anyway and you keep the connection cable with the rest of the console when you haven’t got the new PSU already (as in my case). I don’t know if the connector is removable on every PSU. Mine was the N14-200P1A for the PS4 CUH-1216A.

    grunchy - Reply

    bei mir ist es abgebrochen (leider).. viel einfacher wäre es gewesen, es vom netzteil zu trennen (statt vom mainboard).

    hinterher ist man immer schlauer.

    meine frage ist jetzt, kann man es noch reparieren, oder ist es schrott?

    ocg309 - Reply

    • Using the same pliers grasp the WiFi antenna cable and pull up carefully

    • The really wide optical drive cable has a black "collar" that needs to be lifted up on each side. This will free the cable.

    • The other two cables can just be pulled right out of their respective sockets.

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    • Remove the T9 security torx screw that secures the WiFi antenna.

    • De-reoute the WiFi cable.

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    • Remove small ribbon cable from optical drive.

    • Remove five T9 security torx screws

    • Remove two PH 0 phillips screws along with the green PCB board.

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    • Even though the optical drive has been redesigned they still use the same roller system with the white bar in between. We're guessing that there will still be problems with these white bars falling out.

    • The laser and carrier look very similar to the previous models.

    Could you point me in the direction of a supplier for these rollers? I have a damaged pair but don't really want to replace the entire drive.

    josephedeandick - Reply

    • Remove twelve T9 security torx screws

    • Remove six PH 0 phillips screws

    • Remove three PH 0 phillips screws

    • Remove two PH 0 phillips screws

    • Pull the top metal shield off of the console.

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    • The first thing we notice (other than the size) about the motherboard is that Sony has totally re-designed the heat sink clamp. We're guessing (and hoping) this will reduce or eliminate the problem of PS4's turning on then back off.

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    • Remove the two PH 0 phillips screws.

      • After the clamp is removed the spacer under it will also need to be removed.

    • Remove the power button by prying up on the hook that's hooked into the motherboard.

      • After the hook is lifted the button will slide back and out.

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    • As you lift up on the front of the motherboard you will notice that the fan is still plugged in. This can be removed by grasping the connector with a pair of small pliers.

    • After that is removed the motherboard will lift out.

    I'm having trouble reinserting the motherboard with both sides of the ports lined up, any suggestions?

    Max - Reply

    • We can now see one of the huge differences between the older models and this new model...there's no RAM on one side of the motherboard!

    • There is still the same amount of RAM but the total number of RAM chips has been cut in half.

    • In other news, the HDMI port has finally been redesigned! This is great news as the old style is very prone to failure.

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    • Remove three PH 0 phillips screws then remove the metal piece.

    • With that gone there is only one screw (PH 0) holding the fan in. Remove it and you're done!

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    • As we started assembling this PS4 we noticed this small piece laying in on the bottom metal sheet. As we reassembled the console we found that it went on the top of the motherboard where one of the long power supply screws goes it. There is a black plastic piece that will cover it.

    That small black plastic thing, that you use to swotch on and off, where is that?

    jungelassen - Reply

    Step 16 photo #2

    TronicsFix - Reply

    • With this drastically different model of PS4 we are hoping that Sony has addressed some of the problems with the older models (HDMI port, etc). We are cautiously optimistic that they have.

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You didn't show what the supply connector is supposed to look like, when disconnected. Now I ripped it off of my mother board, attempting to assess milk damage. Thanks for helping me make sure my PS4 will stay broken.

draconicfeathers - Reply

I'm so sorry it ripped off. I'm assuming you are talking about the power supply connector? If so step #10 shows the method we use to remove this connector. We use mini pliers and grasp one end at a time and pull up gently but firmly each time...this will eventually get the connector off without damage in most cases. That being said we have had to fix a connector every once in a while on these because some of them are fragile.

TronicsFix -

i dropped my ps4 and it made grinding noises when it reading discs and also it wouldnt eject disc, i fixed the eject problem by disassembling the blu ray drive but it still grinds when reading and only reads when i rebuild database. are you guys gonna start selling replacements anytime soon or will the blu ray from the cuh-11xx models work?

jer - Reply

ifixit doesn't currently carry them. I'm assuming that they will at some point. We at Tronicsfix have just gotten a few in (we just don't have them up on our website yet) and could sell you one. You can contact me here:

TronicsFix -

If i buy this model from japan 100v will it work in india 220v plz help me

vikas gahlaut - Reply's universal. It will work with any voltage.

TronicsFix -

I have a hdmi connector taken out of an old blu ray player, it looks the same as my ps4 one, will it work or do I need one designed for the ps4?

Alan Roberts - Reply

It's highly unlikely that it would work. I haven't seen any that would work other than ports that are made just for the PS4. Just be careful where you buy it. Most of them out there (especially the really cheap ones) don't even line up correctly.

TronicsFix -

The contacts at the back of the HDMI port are offset on the PS4. The port may look the same but when placed onto the board, the contacts will be in between the solder pads in stead of over them. Sometimes you can bend the mounting legs of the port to shift it over and align the contacts, but it’s best to just get the correct port. Heads up though, almost all suppliers of the PS4 port are not selling the offset style, so you’ll have to do some hunting to find a supplier that has the proper port…

Kevin -

When replacing this optical drive will I need a new control board?

asilvaesq - Reply

Step 15:

Good to know that this part was changed. But since the CUH1100 Sony has changed the fan profile. So the units since are more quiet. I see a problem with this. The fan is working slower now under high loads. The heatsink is not bigger thant the CUH1000. So the temperature under load is much higher than before.

So we know the problems of the PS3 fat console.

I like a louder fan more than the chance to got broken solder.

If we could see the APU tempertures (like on an PC) we would change the cooling I am sure.

TheLOD2010 - Reply

You're forgetting that this model uses less power. Less power = less heat generated. Less heat = less cooling needed.

TronicsFix -

Where can I get a new power supply

Cullen Anderson - Reply

Here is the new link for that power supply:

TronicsFix -

How does one going about repairing the connection from the power supply to the motherboard if it gets pulled off the motherboard? I accidentally did this and it's driving me crazy

Garrett Ramsey - Reply

The only way is to solder it back onto the motherbaord. My company has done lots of these so you can always send it in if you need to.

TronicsFix -

My ps4 freezes every time I search for WiFi and sometimes and my control always blinks then turns off but ssometimes when I hard reset the game it connects can u please help

rooneysc7 - Reply

Hmmm...that's kind of a strange one. It could be a software problem or maybe the chip is bad...there's no way for me to know for sure without having it here in my shop to look at. Sorry I can't give you a better answer.

TronicsFix -

Can you tell me if the CUH-1200 rubber feet is the same as the CUH-1100

Fernando Oliveira - Reply

No, they are not.

TronicsFix -

Hi! So I tore down my ps4 but there's one extra piece which you didn't show in pictures my bad luck that I didn't notice it coming out as I was flipping ps over n now I am unable to figure out where'll it go! It's a black plastic piece at first I thought it was in hdd cage but it not fitting anyway . HELP?

Naeem - Reply

That piece is shown in step #14. It has two silver screws that hold it down.

TronicsFix -

What is the fan part number or where can I buy a replacement fan? My fan doesn't seem to work anymore

Tony Morrison - Reply

So thank you so much because now my power supply was ripped from the motherboard because I was following your instructions. Thanks so much. And I'm not the only one reading the first comment.

tpet1123 - Reply

I've done my best on step #9 to show exactly how to place the pliers to get that connector off. I hope more people read the first comment so they are more careful with this connector. If there is a better wat to describe how to remove this connector please let me know what that would be.

TronicsFix -

Pull from the power supply, not the mother board. If you pull from the mother board you'll rip it clean off. Pull from the power supply and it'll slide out.

tpet1123 - Reply

The power button has gone bad on my PS4. I can not see it in pictures, but I have found out something is missing between the black power button and the microswitch on the mainboard. The microswitch is cowered by a small metal thingy, and then there must be something else, but what is it????

jungelassen - Reply

If you can post a pic of it I can tell you what you're missing. Either way though you'll have to replace the entire switch most's soldered onto the motherboard so it will need to be soldered on.

TronicsFix -

The microswitch is still on the motherboard, and working. It is all the plastic that actuates the switch that has gone missing :-( . Can not post pics in this site, sorry.

jungelassen - Reply

So the plastic piece that you actually press on with your finger to turn it on? I haven't seen those for sale anywhere but I'd keep my eye on Ebay.

TronicsFix -

There is a black thingy on eBay that looks like the one I've got - 30 bucks!!!!!

jungelassen - Reply

Bummer...that's a lot!

TronicsFix -

Loose piece warning on pic. 20: It goes under the black cover on pic. 14, (upper left). So: Before taking out PSU, remove said cover, and the long screw from the buttom. Then you are in crontrol of the process....

jungelassen - Reply'll lose it if you're not careful!

TronicsFix -

How correctly change optical drive on CUH-1216? Help! What is the good model?

r_jambet - Reply

Is the HDMI input on my CUH-1114A model PS4 connected to my motherboard? If not can I replace it. It seems that while traveling with my consoles instantly the hdmi port has been damadehed and needs replaced. Please help!!

Caleb king - Reply

Yes, it's connected to your motherboard. It will need to be replaced if it's not working.

TronicsFix -

Hello, I've seen your video on Youtube with the PS4 CUH-1215 Teardown, and you wrote their I would need T8 Torx Security Screw driver and a PH00 Phillips Screw Driver. My unit is CUH-1200 and I'm wondering if Torx T8 and PH00 phillips will fit in my Unit's screws since you used a T9 and a PH0 in this guide, opposite to your video even though they're just the same unit. Thank you ^^

Felix Ababa III - Reply

TR8 or TR9 work fine. I presonally use a TR8 because I've found it to fit looser and not get stuck in the screw hole. When I'm fixing a bunch of these at a time it makes it much faster if the bit doesn't stick in the screw.

TronicsFix -

I'm trying to do the wifi antenna mod. Where the heck can I find a 38cm U.FL / IPEX to RP-SMA wifi wire. Did Sony special make this? I can't find it anywhere. I wonder if part of making new models is to defy user mods.

Dustin - Reply

The longest length I can find is 30cm. I'm going to order the 30cm and try to alter my route. But I don't think it will work

Dustin -

Unfortunately, I don't know of anywhere to get it. Sorry about that.

TronicsFix -

My PS4 is an older model I dropped it once but it continued working for a while but suddenly sometimes the PS4 comes on but doesn't have enough power to come on fully

Jesse Daniels - Reply

I watched the tear down to this and it is accurate. 8/10. It is a bit difficult. There are so many screws and they are varying on type. My advice is pay high attention to the type of head the screws have. If it is round, or flat. Especially with the Phillips screws. The torx are much easier to keep track of since they are the same. But the Phillips are a pain to keep track of. And be sure to read the steps thoroughly . There is a piece that gets loose and it's easy to lose. You will need it. I think the article could use a small update. At least with the description of the screw. That way you don't put one where it doesn't go. Honestly the Xbox one is a f*** ton easier than the ps4. Just starting I thought I was going to break the plastic. Also be careful. It can be on there real tight.

oscar hernandez (sir oz) - Reply

My PlayStation4 keeps freezing and just runs extremely sloppy. If i try to run ANY application or Game, practically ANYTHING, it freezes and i have to hard reset it. Any idea what it could be?

Ricardo Pineda - Reply

Any reply wold be extremely helpful! Thanks in advance!!

Ricardo Pineda -

What wires on the PS4 cooling fan are the positives there is brown, black, or white?

coltenraymo00 - Reply

What is the microswitch for that is on the pcb board on the optical drive that you remove in step 12?

Does the pcb board need to be sat in a certain position before screwing back down? Either towards the front or rear of the console as it has a Little play to position it.


Keith Oshaughnessy - Reply


Merci infiniment pour ce tutoriel. Il m’a aidé au nettoyage de ma PS4 modèle CUH 1216A.


Girardin - Reply

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