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There is this great teardown guide for Philips Steam Iron:

Philips Pressurised Steam Generator GC8220 Teardown

I want to clarify about its temperature sensor; that if faulty, it will make problems for the steam function.

If no Philips spare part is available to you, it can be replaced with a generic from electronics component shops.

  1. The Temperature Sensor is attached to the bottom of the Boiler unit.
    • The Temperature Sensor is attached to the bottom of the Boiler unit.

    • It is an NTC Thermistor.

  2. It is connected to the Main PCB.
    • It is connected to the Main PCB.

  3. It looks like a diode. But it is a resistor that changes value with temperature.
    • It looks like a diode. But it is a resistor that changes value with temperature.

    The wire is blue on the second picture but black on the third? Why is that?

    DDK - Reply

  4. They come in a range of values. 10kOhms ~ 100 kOhms.
    • They come in a range of values. 10kOhms ~ 100 kOhms.

    Hi Omid

    I have problem with my philips gc9630/20 steam generator if You able give my any hand please answer

    king regards


    Tom - Reply

    Hi Tom,

    Sorry for the late response.

    Sure, ask your question and I’ll help, if I know about it.


    Omid -

    Hi Omid, ik heb de Philips GC9224/20. Als deze net is opgewarmd, dan doet de stoomfunctie het nog. Na enkele minuten doet de stoomfunctie het niet meer, maar blijft de boiler wel verwarmen. De stoom komt dan via de zijkant van het station naar buiten. Denk je dat dit de thermistor is?

    Alvast heel hartelijk dank voor je antwoord!

    Gr. Ben

    Ben - Reply

    Hi Ben,

    Sorry for the late response.

    Unfortunately I can’t speak Dutch ; But from Google translate, this is what I understood:

    “Hi Omid, I have the Philips GC9224 / 20. If it has just warmed up, the steam function will still work. After a few minutes, the steam function stops working, but the boiler continues to heat. The steam then comes out through the side of the station. Do you think this is the thermistor?Thank you very much for your answer!Gr. Ben “

    If the steam has low pressure and volume it can be the thermistor.

    But if steam after coming out “through the side” still has high pressure/volume; then no it is not the thermistor. It can be the safety mechanism(or valve). If broken it leaks before the pressure has built up enough to come out and steam will go back to the water tank and maybe the sides.

    I will try to post a picture of it.

    Omid -

    HI Omid,

    I would like to ask you regarding philips steam iron GC8220 .

    The problem is after replacing the electrovalve the steam function well but after few second the power cut off automaticly or suddenly off.

    Already check the wiring (control board , power board and also iron side) no shorting founded.If there related with the thermistor sensor can cause of it.This is become head ache for me to find the solution.Hope fully you can give me some idea to solve the problem.Very much need your favour.Thanks

    ahmad najmuddin - Reply

    Hi Ahmad,

    If the thermistor was burnt, the power wouldn’t be cut. The iron would still be on but with no steam. So you should look for other causes. Such as other components on the power and control board.

    Sorry I can’t help more without more details and access.

    Omid -

    Hello Omid, Which thermistor should I use, because I can not find any specificaton and the thermistor in the machine is broke, Warm regards Jan

    Jan Braak - Reply

    Hello Omid, I have gc9642 and when I checked the thermistor with the multimeter, it showed 184kΩ. Based on the picture this is a too big amount of resistance, isn’t it? Why is that ?

    DDK - Reply

    Hi Omid! I have a GC7035 philips and found the thermistor to be fauly. I replaced it with a 100 kOm NTC like this but it looks iron warm and after a minute it stop working and flesh green and red leds. The broken thermistor write number 63 on its plate. What thermistor should I used?

    gentian_dume - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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With GC9640 the termistor is 226 kOhm @ 26°C.

Beim GC9640 hat der NTC 226 kOhm bei 26°C

John Maier - Reply

My Philips GC 9245 after ironing found water on the shirts, and the iron heat is not like as hot as in the past, is this cause by the Temperature Sensor (NTC Thermistor) ?

lylim_ly - Reply

With GC9220 model, résistance of boiler CTN : around 300k à 15°C, decreasing slowly to 160K at around 30°C, I didn’t test with other temperature.

Nico Land - Reply

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