If your Oster 3905 cord isn’t retracting like the yo-yo you secretly still use, it may be time to replace it. While this replacement guide is pretty straight forward - watch out! There is a nasty little spring that will try to pop out and blind you.

  1. Firmly grip your hand around the slot lever.
    • Firmly grip your hand around the slot lever.

  2. Stabilize the toaster by placing your hand on top.
    • Stabilize the toaster by placing your hand on top.

    • Forcefully pull the slot lever away from the toaster by keeping parallel to the table.

    • Both slot levers can be removed.

    • Place the toaster upside down so the bottom is facing the ceiling.

    • Take off both rubber feet using a small metal spudger.

    • Wedge a spudger under the feet and pull up to pop off.

    • Use a PH#2 screw bit to remove eight 12mm screws that are located around the perimeter.

    • There are two screws under the rubber feet.

    • Place the toaster right side up.

    • Grab the outer shell firmly and pull up towards the face of the toaster.

    • For this part, you might need to wiggle the toaster to get the outer shell off.

    • The shell will not completely come off until the motherboard is removed in the next step.

    • Use a J1 screw bit to unscrew eight 8mm screws from the motherboard.

    • Take out the grey “cancel” and “bagel” buttons from the shell.

    • Rotate the toaster so that the back is facing towards you.

    • Use the PH#1 bit to remove one 8mm screw located above the wire on the casing.

      • Then use the same screw bit to remove two 10mm screws found at the bottom.

    • Using the metal spudger, pry next to the black clip found at the base of the toaster and the casing.

      • Push down to separate the casing from the toaster.

    • Gently tilt the casing towards the toaster as you pull up from the base.

    • Use the PH#1 bit to remove the three 8mm screws located on the back side of the casing.

    • When opening the casing a metal spring may suddenly pop out.

    • Use the metal spudger to pry open the two halves of the casing.

    • If you are having some trouble only using the metal spudger do not be afraid of using your fingers to pry the casing apart.

    • Carefully remove the spool keeping your fingers on either side of the casing.

    • Tape down the metal spring to keep it from unraveling out of place.

    • Carefully unwind the power cord from the spool.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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