In this guide, some soldering is required when disconnecting the battery and the speakers from the motherboard. If you are unfamiliar with soldering, watch Soldering Tutorial for Beginners, Five Easy Steps to familiarize yourself and to be able to disconnect the battery and speaker.

Make sure that the OontZ Angle 3 is powered off before starting the disassembly.
  • Make sure that the OontZ Angle 3 is powered off before starting the disassembly.

  • Use the plastic opening tool to remove the rubber caps from each end of the speaker.

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Remove four (4) 11.7 mm Phillips #0 screws from each side at the bottom of the speaker.
  • Remove four (4) 11.7 mm Phillips #0 screws from each side at the bottom of the speaker.

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  • Use the plastic opening tool on one of the corners to separate the bottom piece from the speaker, and then remove the piece.

I bought this 6 months ago, it works pluged into power source, but once unpluged will not work. Even being left on charger over night.

Also i pluged it in the red light is on but glows dim then bright. Is this normal?

I bought it off Amazon brand new

smlboehm - Reply

  • Locate the soldering connections for the battery on the motherboard and the wires for the speakers.

  • Use the soldering iron to disconnect the battery wires from the motherboard.

  • Use the soldering iron to disconnect the speaker wires from the motherboard.

  • When reconnecting the battery and speakers to the new motherboard, be careful to make the connections to the correct nodes as well as establish a complete connection, as the speakers could break with an incorrect connection and the battery risks overheating or erupting in flames if corrected incorrectly or poorly.

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  • Remove the three (3) 3.6mm screws using a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

  • Use the plastic opening tool about midway down one side of the motherboard to pry it out of the casing.

  • Remove the faulty motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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where do i buy mother board of oontz angle 3?

Jomar Agcaoili - Reply

how much does a new motherboard cost??

Linda Coppola - Reply

Can you post where to get a new MB?

Brian Dickert - Reply

It does require a part...the new motherboard!

Brian Dickert - Reply

I'm having a hard time tracking down motherboards too. But the guide is still helpful if someone wants to harvest a motherboard out of another broken Oontz and use it in their own. If anyone else finds a source for the motherboard, feel free to edit the guide and include a link to it in the details section. Maybe if we all work together we can find a source.

Kelsea Weber - Reply

If everyone sends in a request for parts on their support page, it might push them to provide replacement parts in the future. I know I know, It's a long shot, but manufacturers need to know parts are desired or they will never offer them here's a link to email their support team.

Kelsea Weber -

Anyone located motherboards for these yet. I need one.

Wade - Reply

if I wanted to just replace the USB charging port itself can someone please direct me to the correct one to purchase?

Kevin - Reply

Tech store wants $65.00 to look at Oontz angle 3 because the charging cord has to be pushed very hard in for the red light to start charging. That's just to look at it, not parts!!! Once I let go of the cord, it stops charging. I only paid less than $30 for it and will certainly not spend another $65.00 for it. Would be nice to have a longer warranty than 90 days. I think this started happening around the 95th day I had it. Would not recommend this speaker at all. I'm not paying double what I paid for it or replacing the mother board on a piece of equipment 3 months old. Very disappointed for sure.

Judy - Reply

take a razor blade and shave a small amount off the plug on all four ends

Rollie Ron -

It, sadly, is simply a poor design issue quite widespread throughout the electronics industry. After more than 25 years as an engineer, I’ve seen problems like this a lot. I’m sure Cambridge Soundworks has some really sharps electronics engineers, computer engineers, coders, etc. What they probably don’t have - guessing - is a really sharp structural or mechanical engineer on staff, contract, or retainer for the real-world physical stress analysis and design. That is almost unheard of and it is the source of the problem - from the physical design of standard components such as USB ports to the connection of such components to the motherboard and such. As Judy (above) pointed out, these items are so inexpensive in terms of replacement purchase price to repair cost, the incentive to address these issues is lost in the massive volumes produced and the roll-out of new models.

tsblue - Reply

Where I can buy a Oontz angle 3 Ultra motherboard???

James - Reply

If you want repair of Oontz, send email to and we can discuss terms

Richard Frahm - Reply

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