This guide outlines how to replace capacitors on the main circuit board of the IM-5006. It includes removal and disassembly. This process will require soldering.

I have attached the NuTone Service Manual and a Parts List showing the capacitor part numbers and where to purchase them.

  • Remove all power to the intercom by tripping the appropriate circuit breaker.

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  • Remove the 4 corner screws holding the intercom in its mounting bracket.

  • Tip the intercom down. It is hinged at the bottom.

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  • Take photos of where each wire from the wall attaches to the intercom.

  • When removing the wires be sure to tie up any wires that might fall between the walls.

  • Remove each of the wires, noting their positions and colors.

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  • The intercom is being held by two metal hinges in the back. Slide these off the screws that are holding them.

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  • Note where each wire is connected on the main circuit board. Take photos of the board and the wires.

  • Disconnect each of the wires.

  • Remove the screws holding the main PC board (about 9 or 10).

  • Remove the main PC Board.

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  • Remove the elevated metal cover from the circuit board. There are 4 Phillips screws.

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  • The main circuit board is pictured. We will be working with the capacitors that I have colored.

  • We will remove 31 capacitors. These are on the Master Station Power Supply, the Remote Station Power Supply, the Attenuator and Power Amplifier, and the Microphone Pre-Amplifier.

  • The Master power supply capacitors are in red.

  • The Remote Station power supply capacitors are in purple.

  • The Attenuator and Power Amplifier power supply capacitors are in green.

  • The Microphone pre-amplifier capacitor is in blue.

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  • One at a time, remove and replace each of the 31 capacitors. By doing the complete process for each one you reduce the chance that you will mix up and place a capacitor in the incorrect position.

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  • Once you have completed replacing the capacitors reassemble the intercom.

  • First attach the circuit board back to the intercom.

  • Next reconnect each of the wires on the intercom to the circuit board.

  • Next attach the metal cover back over the capacitors you replaced.

  • Now place the intercom back on the wall

  • Reattach all wires that you had disconnected earlier

  • Close the intercom and secure at each of the 4 corners.

  • Turn the power back on (at the circuit breaker panel).

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  • Many times the labels on the intercom buttons have worn off.

  • Attached is a JPG of the label.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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