How to disassemble the device and change broken, smashed LCD display and Touch screen digitizer Glass.

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Switch off the phone.
  • Switch off the phone.

  • Remove the battery and any installed SIM and memory cards.

  • Remove the black tape near to the loudspeaker.

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Remove the 9x Torx T4 screws.
  • Remove the 9x Torx T4 screws.

  • Two of them are with the same head size but with a different length.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to remove the back cover.

  • Careful unhook the display assembly flex cable.

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  • Insert wisdom here.

Not sure if Step 4 'testing' is on the right place. I would assume it's after Step 7 ?

deRahier - Reply

  • Put some scotch tape to prevent the glass from scattering.

  • Use a hot gun or hair dryer and warm the glass to soften the adhesive.

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  • Start the separating from the upper right corner, where you have an hole in the middle frame.

  • Use plastic tool to prevent the middle frame from scratches.

  • Work slowly, you can cut your fingers.

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  • Clean the middle farme.

  • Put adhesive tape 3MM.

  • Be careful, don't cover the technological openings on the middle frame (for the light sensor, earpiece, etc.).

  • It's easier if you order the spare part together with an adhesive tape.

  • Install the display assembly.

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  • That's all.

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  • Did you do it successfully?

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Exactly what I needed! Step by step detailed instructions along with what tools I would need. Heating it up took longer than expected & it took me longer than 30 min, but I actually set aside 2 hours to replace my screen. Woohoo I finally I have a new screen & I did it all on my own...well with the amazing help from ZFix ;D

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how to fix the display

Roneil Mcintosh - Reply

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