The Wii was first released on November 19, 2006.

The model number of the original Wii remote I will be tearing apart is RVL-003.

My partner is also going to be showing how to tear down a Wii nunchuk.

The model number of the Wii nunchuk is RVL-004.

Remove the battery cover from the remote and batteries inside.
  • Remove the battery cover from the remote and batteries inside.

  • Unscrew the four visible screws on the remote.

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Use a tool to gently pry apart the white tabs near the  top of the controller.
  • Use a tool to gently pry apart the white tabs near the top of the controller.

  • Once u open up the remote there should now be two separate pieces.

  • The tabs may break off, but the remote will still be able to function without them.

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  • Use a tool or your fingers to remove the speaker piece from the remote.

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  • Simply remove the rest of the buttons and the flexible plastic covering.

  • These buttons are very small and easily lost so be sure to keep them organized and close for easy access.

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  • Go back to the side of the remote with the motherboard.

  • Gently lift and remove it from the base.

  • Be gentle while pulling out, being sure not to rip off the wires from the rumble motor.

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  • Pull out the sensor screen.

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  • Find the white tabs facing where the sensor screen was.

  • Place a tool under one tab and push up until both tabs pop out of place, and remove the B trigger.

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  • Use a tool and place it under the rumble motor. Gently lift and remove it from the plastic housing.

  • Be careful while removing. Do not remove any of the wires from the rumble motor.

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  • To remove the the plastic housing you have to locate the two white tabs. Use your thumbs to gently pull them apart and remove the plastic housing.

  • Remove the rubber button from the plastic housing.

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  • You should now have all the pieces detached from the Wii remote.

  • You should have all the piece shown in the photos to the left.

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  • My partner will now be putting back together the remote while only following the previous instructions I have made.

  • Return the the buttons back to their original spot along with the flexible plastic covering on top.

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  • Place the rubber button under the plastic housing.

  • Align the two white tabs with the two indents on the sides and slide the plastic housing into place.

  • Put back the rumble motor back to its original spot.

  • Make sure your are putting the white plastic housing on the correct side of the motherboard as it was at the start.

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  • Return the sensor screen to its spot and slide it back into place.

  • Make sure the sensor screen is facing the right way.

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  • Place the B trigger back into its spot and click the two white tabs into place.

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  • Lay the motherboard on top of the back side of the remote and push down gently til in place.

  • Be sure that the rumble motor is facing down while putting it back in place.

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  • Lay the side of the remote with the motherboard on top of the side with the buttons.

  • Align the sides and press together until firmly in place.

  • Screw back in the screws.

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  • there are two small screws that need to be unscrewed on the bottom of the remote.

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  • Once unscrewed you can pop the top off

  • Next take the thumb stick and very gently take it off.

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  • The wire that plugs into the actual remote needs to be pulled apart from the whole nunchuk

  • The wires can be by its self without the plastic controller housing

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  • flip the wires over and remove the shoulder buttons (white plastic)

  • It'll be easier to slide the other piece out to so make sure to gently slide it out

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  • then remove the plastic that connects the sensor and the shoulder buttons

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  • Now start to attach all of the pieces back starting with the hard plastic first

  • make sure not to force the sensor in the spot and slid it upwards

  • The shoulder buttons are easy to put in but dont push it

  • Example of my partner

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  • Be careful when putting the wires back in because they are easy to fall out

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  • She then attaches the analog stick to get it going again

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  • Lastly she easily popped the top back on and screwed the bottom to back on and got it to work as it used to.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide! I took one of my remotes apart some years ago. Now, with fresh tri-wing driver in hand, I am ready to reassemble the thing. Problem: where to solder the green ground? It currently is fused to the nunchuk connector housing, but where does the other end go??? Wish I'd noted that, back then

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