The guide will give step by step instructions on how to disassemble your camera until you can reach the lens and remove or clean it.


No parts required.

  1. Remove the two 2.8 mm screws on the left side of the camera.
    • Remove the two 2.8 mm screws on the left side of the camera.

  2. Remove the four 2.8 mm screws on the right side of the camera.
    • Remove the four 2.8 mm screws on the right side of the camera.

    • Remove the three 4.1 mm screws on the bottom of the camera.

    • Gently lift the rear cover from the camera.

    • Gently lift the screen out of its place.

    • You will need to hold the screen slightly above the camera because it will still be attached to the camera by an orange ribbon cable.

    • Use the tweezers to lift the ZIF connector which is holding the ribbon cables that connect the LCD screen to the motherboard.

    • Slowly pull the screen from the camera.

    • Remove the four 3.8 mm screws located near the bottom right and top left of the LCD base plate.

    • Lift up silver LCD base plate

    • Using tweezers, lift up the retaining flap on the ZIF connector securing the button panel ribbon cable.

    • Slide the button panel ribbon cable out of its socket on the motherboard.

    • The black tape connecting it to the camera will lift up and allow you to release the left side of the rectangular plate.

    • Remove the two 3.1 mm screws on the orange rectangular plate over the lens.

    • Use tweezers to lift up the retaining flap on the ribbon cable's ZIF connector.

    • Gently pull the ribbon cable from its socket on the motherboard and remove the plate assembly.

    • Remove four 3.4 mm black screws from around the perimeter of the silver plate.

    • Carefully pull out the plate the attached lens.

    • The lens will not completely be removed, but it will be accessible for cleaning.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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thank you so much. I just finished this guide and got myself a new camera (it was a "if you can fix it, you can keep it).

Pablo - Reply

Hmm, I did all steps and put the camera back together and what do you know, it worked great! The procedure was relatively easy, ESP. since I've never done a job this intricate.

It seemed that it wasn't a dirty lens problem to me that is causing the lens to go in and out, but a dirty, partially stripped gear. It could be a combo though... The gear is located in the left side of the last photo in a recess next to the lens. This gear is easy to access. Complete all steps as shown, then turn over the camera and tap it a little. The gear will come out.

A couple final notes: a. Remember to take out the battery and memory card first. b. The screws are on pretty tight, Nikon probably used Loctite, so be ready. c. get a quality screwdriver. Mine was a Husky, but by the time. It was done one of the blades chipped off. d. Finally, when you are done, boot up and reset the camera's date item hour and turn off. Then reboot and you should be good to go!

John - Reply

Thanks for posting this. One thing of note, you will get a shock from the flash capacitor if you are not careful. I don't know how to discharge it so I will be more careful next time. My camera got dropped (not by me) and would get intermittent lens errors. Using these instructions I was able to find that one of the small copper windings under the lens (I think its a magnet or part of a stepper drive) was loose. I glued it back on and the camera works again. Unfortunately I think the CCD also took a hit because there are lines on photos but not on videos or the LCD preview screen. I found a cheap CCD online so I am going to swap it out to see if I can fix it. After the drop the camera was a throw-away but I like to fix things so this might work out.

mgbsteve79 - Reply

Oh. My, &&^&.

If I had looked over this repair manual before I started repairing, MAYBE I would still have a camera.

Click click - Reply

I did all the steps but it seems the lens barrel inside was broken so like it or not i need to open all the case ,sadly i don't have a proper tools to melt down i don't know what it called that thing

Heil Fang - Reply

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