1. Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.
    • Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.

    • Press in with the tool of your choice until it pops out of the side of the phone.

    • Remove the SIM card slot tray and set aside.

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  2. Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.
    • Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.

    • Slide the opener tool gently around the phone until you hear clicks and visibly see the panel separate from the body of the phone.

    • Continue this process on each edge of the phone, until the only thing holding the back panel to the body of the phone is the fingerprint scanner.

    A guitar pick is a good substitution for the plastic opening tool.

    Sam Sippe - Reply

    Here’s a photo of the location of the 18 tabs that hold the back cover in place

    Steve - Reply

    • Gently detach the back panel from the finger print scanner on the back of the phone.

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    • Use a Phillips #000 screwdriver to remove the ten screws that secure the middle frame.

    Some models use a Y1 screw head.

    Kyle Wright - Reply

    • Starting from the bottom near the USB-C port, use a plastic opening tool to pry off the middle panel from the phone.

    • Be careful when doing this because the middle panel comes in two pieces and if you start at the top, you may break the connection between the two pieces.

    The photo seems to show that the person is opening from the top, which is the opposite of your advice. So, just want to be clear.

    Robert Konigsberg - Reply

    yes, open from bottom first... the pic above shows the finished product after reaching top of phone. I found it best to actually start close to the right of the usbC connector. Pushing inbetween the 2 tabs and up will release the shell.. then work clockwise.

    Chris Mayberry - Reply

    Chris, your advice to start to the right of the usbC connector was excellent, thank you!

    Robert Konigsberg - Reply

    I found that my middle panel was already broken at the narrowest part just to the left of the 2-D scan code on the battery, perhaps from some ham-fisted previous repair. This seems of little consequence, there do not seem to be any electrical connections running through this part.

    Wiley Sanders - Reply

    After a long amount of prying, I discoved that, if used gently, a jimmy can really help get the plastic off

    Timothy Owens - Reply

    I could not remove the cover with the opening tool but had success with the opening picks (the triangle parts). Just slide them under the cover and gently bend and twist the pick to release the cover from the locks. By the way: it’s perfectly normal for the bottom cover part to come loose from the top cover part. It’s designed that way (they interlock).

    Marco Miltenburg - Reply

    Here’s a photo of the location of the 20 tabs that hold the middle assembly in place, and the pry angle needed.

    Steve - Reply

    • Remove the following four press-fit connectors with the flat edge of a plastic spudger:

      • Front-facing camera connector.

      • Rear-facing camera connector.

      • Battery connector.

      • Digitizer connector.

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    • Insert a plastic opening tool underneath any edge of the top half of the motherboard.

    • Gently lift the motherboard off of the phone's body.

    • Make sure that none of the ribbon cables get caught on the motherboard while you are releasing it.

    From where we can buy motherboard



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Anyone with the bootloop problem has been successful on returning the 5X to life by replacing the motherboard?

Jago MF - Reply

that's a stupid question. new motherboard means new operating system. maybe you should just use fastboot and flash stock firmware on your phone easy

Alek Kels -

where can I get a new motherboard at?????

Alek Kels -

in most 'google image boot' issues, it is a hardware issue, not software. besides, the phone will not allow a bootloader option.

Chris Mayberry -

yes …….and its the only way after bootloop

damneetsingh2000 -

yes…….and its the only way after bootloop

damneetsingh2000 -

same here! if anybody has luck fixing the bootloop problem by replacing the motherboard please let us know

joe - Reply

hello, today my phone came out of service with bootloop problem . they changed the motherboard , now everything is good

Ioan Robicek -

Has the motherboard part been removed from the "Parts" section??? Not available for purchase anymore??? That would render this guide useless

Jago MF - Reply

What do you mean by useless? Mobos from other suppliers require different take apart?

Emil Eriksson -

I had bootloops within the year of buying this phone but because the LG webpage RA system wasn't working I missed out by a couple days and they want to charge me $180 to repair the phone. They won't budge and I will never buy an LG again. Has anyone found replacement motherboards or fixed this phone?

Jacob Burger - Reply

LG offered me free repair as long as there's no physical/cosmetic/liquid damage.

Warranty expired 20 days ago btw.

Riasat Abir -

my phone was 8 months out of warranty and they just fixed as if in warranty.

Tyson Washburn -

Hi Alek Kels - 12/23/2016 - "maybe you should just use fastboot and flash stock firmware on your phone easy"

How do I do this? I'm having the bootloop problem atm.



Sando Kainth - Reply

Don't worry about learning, because it is a hardware issue, not software. The phone will not boot proper past the fastboot.

Chris Mayberry -

It is probably a hardware problem. You can try redoing the software. It didn't work for me. You need to cook your phone. Sounds stupid right? But it works. One of the contacts for the ram or cpu is no longer good. Cooking it will melt the solder and fix it for at least a while. At least it worked for me.

I followed the instructions on a blog. Dev Alex - Oven fresh Nexus 5x.

Matt Johnson - Reply

This is an age old fix for crappy solder points connecting to CPUs or GPUs (most notably in HP laptops). Disassemble the phone and heat the snapdragon chip with a heat gun for 10 seconds. The chip is beneath a metal shield that pops up with a flat screwdriver. I am working to complete this now.. .will let you know how it works.

Chris Mayberry -

..alot of work for a little action. Got the phone to boot after heating the CPU for 15sec, stayed on for 4 minutes before rebooting again. ~sigh~

Chris Mayberry -

Found this forum comment re the rebooting sequence fix...

"The LG G4, V10, and the Nexus 5X are all affected by the bonded flipchip substrate breaking off of the BGA package under the CPU, which usually manifests in bootlooping or screen corruption, and eventually a complete brick. It’s not solder related; the only way to fix it is by completely replacing the CPU package with one that isn’t defective. – FrankTheCat"

Chris Mayberry -

Flashing stock image doesn't work for everybody with the bootloop issue. In my​ case, I can reboot into bootloader and have already installed 3 different stock images successfully and am STILL getting stuck on bootloop. From what I've researched it does seem to be a hardware issue.

Thunor Odinson - Reply

Hey my phone is continously restarting and a

Stucking at bootloop and sometimes it starts but gets restart

pranav g - Reply

Trying the oven bake fix now, just started bootlooping. I'm not counting on it working for long, already ordered a pixel. Thanks for the great guide!

Stephen Moist - Reply

Hi, I know is very complicated but, is it possible to get the data from old motherboard memory storage? any type of hack or something...

Manuel Ramirez - Reply

put it in the freezer for about 20 mins

Tyson Washburn -

Where can i buy a new motherboard

Jochen - Reply

How much it cost to replace motherboard of nexus 5x if it is not in warranty? and what is warranty period for newly replaced part?

Manisha Kulthe - Reply

today i have gone to lg service center and they were askin for 12k rs. for mother board replacement but after bargaining they agreed at 6

damneetsingh2000 -

damneetsingh 2000 where is that service centre

uday -

I need a mother boad nexus 5x. From where can i get it

Nityananda Mondal - Reply

Does anyone knows where I can buy the motherboard for my Nexus 5X.

Candy Beato - Reply

Last day I’m using Facebook APPs suddenly phone are freeze with doesn’t work. When are phone restart display Appear in GOOGLE Logo then phone is OFF, that’s means bootloop problem. Now, I need a mother board LG Nexus 5X. Buy with from where can i get it.

Najmul - Reply

STEP 4 photo, second window on the bottom of the phone from right, (between two red circles) there is little opening (there are few on phone) and there a little device looking as a spring or something. By replacing battery this thing felt off.

I was very careful not to damage anything, but still... so careful… Device looks like to be clued there, I would love to know what is it for, can someone help, please? it looks like a senzor or something

Zdenek Otcenasek - Reply

do a websearch on repairing the nexus 5x bootloop… in the oven! I removed the shield from the side facing the screen, put flux all over especially the samsung chip, and baked it at 400F for 6.5 minutes - samsung chip side up, now the phone is working properly again, enough to backup all files. Eventually replacing samsung chip with new one will be necessary to get good solder contacts.

Shawn Foster - Reply

Bootloop problem sorted!! Thanks OP

Robert Huddleston - Reply

Dec 14, 2017:

Encompass Supply Chain Solutions is parts supplier for LG for the US East Coast time zone area.

Went to their parts web page for the Nexus 5x (LGH790) - https://lg.encompass.com/model/LGELGH790

Motherboard (refurbished) costs $270 and ships in 60 days.

mws3d - Reply

Do you know if is it possible to change 16 Gb main board by 32 Gb mainboard?

Aymeric Golliaud - Reply

hello damneetsingh 2000 ,where is that lg service centre.I also want to change my other board

uday - Reply

i need to purchase the motherboard international

Jackson Makinda - Reply

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