With this guide you will be able to successfully remove the damaged or old battery pack.

  1. To begin, remove the screen from the keyboard.
    • To begin, remove the screen from the keyboard.

    • Open the 2-in-1, and hold the screen.

    • Press the silver button at the top of the keyboard.

    • When the screen lifts up, gently lift the screen away from the keyboard.

  2. Removing the back cover will invalidate your warranty.
    • Removing the back cover will invalidate your warranty.

    • You may use your fingers, or a spudger. Be careful not to break your cover OR your fingernail. Removing the cover requires good judgement.

      • The goal is to separate the black from the silver. Start in a corner, or a flat edge -- whichever works best for you. Remember to not use too much force.

      • Once you start the initial separation, keep going until you free one edge. The goal now is to free three edges of the rectangle.

      • If your progress stops on one side of the rectangle, go to the other side and try there.

    • Gently pull the back cover from the screen assembly.

    • Keep the plastic cover close. It's great for holding screws!

    • When putting the cover back on, press firmly around to outside edge with the screen facing down on a flat, debris-free surface.

    • Once you have the cover off, remove the screws from the outer perimeter of the board assembly with a small philips head screwdriver. See arrows.

    • Remove the smaller ribbon clip on the right side of the device and top right of the battery.

    • Remove the second clip underneath the ribbon clip.

    • When removing the second cable clip use a small flat head screw driver to lift the latch.

    • when removing be careful not to damage the ribbon cable.

    • Repeat step 6 for the large ribbon cable.

    • To remove the battery section of the device from the circuit board remove, use the small Phillips head screwdriver for the 3 small screws near the top.

    • To get the battery pack completely away from the circuit board there is copper foil on the back of the battery.

    • be careful not to rip the copper foil. Pull the foil slowly an evenly.

    • Now that the battery is all by itself find a non-sharp and thin object to help pry the battery from its base.

    • Move slowly and carefully to not puncher the battery casing.

    • FINALLY you have successfully removed the battery from your device.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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