One of the lesser known pieces to the Nerf N-Strike Deploy CS-6 device is the dart tooth. Other than the internal spring, the dart tooth is what helps aid in firing the darts. If there is any incorrect adjustments or damage to the dart tooth, the device will not function properly unless the pieces are properly replaced. This guide will aid you in ensuring the dart tooth function properly for the device.


No parts required.

Before releasing the device in Stealth mode, take out hidden screws as shown
  • Before releasing the device in Stealth mode, take out hidden screws as shown

  • Extend the device in Stealth Mode by pressing the button found on the handle.

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Take out the screws from the pump.
  • Take out the screws from the pump.

  • Proceed to take out the other screws from the device to take off the cover.

  • For the pump, the screw's length extends out to 1.9 cm. The majority size of the screws extend out to 1.3 cm.

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  • Once the screws are out, you are able to take the cover piece off.

  • Proceed to remove the screws

  • Taking off those screws are vital in replacing the dart tooth.

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  • Carefully place cover piece above the device.

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  • Unscrew as shown to aid in the replacement.

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  • To take out the dart tooth, push the spring to the left.

  • The dart tooth should pop out with ease.

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  • Once pulled away from the device, take off the orange piece connected to the darth tooth

  • The piece can be identified with the spring.

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  • You should now be able to pull apart the dart tooth from the device.

  • The piece that has been pulled away will have a type of lubrication. If this piece requires replacement, it will slide on with ease.

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  • Make any adjustment to the dart tooth as seen. May be pulled either up or down.

  • Place in the replacing piece in order to fix the darth tooth

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  • Place back on the orange piece with the spring to its original spot on the dart tooth.

  • While setting in the dart tooth back into place, the small spring on the yellow piece must be placed in its compartment as shown.

  • Place back cover pieces in order to secure the screws back into place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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