If your coffee maker is experiencing power issues, you may have a faulty power cord. Use this guide to replace the damaged power cord of your Mr. Coffee BVMC-SJX33GT.

Make sure your coffee maker is unplugged and empty of all water before attempting to make any repairs.

Turn your coffee maker over so that the base is facing up.
  • Turn your coffee maker over so that the base is facing up.

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Locate the seven 13.5mm screws securing the base to the coffee maker.
  • Locate the seven 13.5mm screws securing the base to the coffee maker.

  • Unscrew the screws using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver.

    • Use a screwdriver with a magnetic tip to more easily remove the three screws in the back and two in the middle.

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  • Lift base to remove.

    • If the base sticks along one edge, do not pull at an angle. Gently tug straight up while sliding a finger along the edge in order to pop the clips.

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  • Locate the metal clamps.

  • Using a pair of pliers or your fingers, slide clamps away from tube opening.

  • All following steps regarding the rubber hoses should be completed for both hoses.

Where do you get replacement hoses?

Tom Hanig - Reply

  • Using a plastic opening tool, loosen rubber hose from metal tubing.

  • Once loosened, grip the hose and pull it from the metal tubing.

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  • Slide metal clamps off hoses.

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  • Locate the other set of metal clamps.

  • Using needle nose pliers or your fingers remove these clamps by pinching the clamps and sliding them up the tubes.

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  • Grip the hoses and pull them straight up and out.

I have the same coffee maker as pictured. I removed the clamps, and the first hose came off easily. The hose housing the valve would not come loose. I ended up tearing the hose while trying. Any ideas for a replacement hose? And how to get this torn one off?

Brianna Singh - Reply

  • Locate the two 11.5mm screws securing the plastic bracket in place.

  • Unscrew the screws using a #2 Phillip's head screwdriver and remove the bracket.

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  • Locate the 11.5mm screw below the white, red, and blue wires. The screw is along the side of the coffee maker about four inches deep from the edge of the base.

  • Unscrew the screw with a #2 Phillip's head screwdriver and remove.

    • Using a screwdriver with a magnetic tip will allow you to remove the screw more easily.

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  • Grip the connector box and pull it into view.

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  • While maintaining a firm grip on the connector box, use needle nose pliers to pull the black wires free from the box.

    • Only place your pliers on the metal part of the connector, NOT the partially exposed wire.

    • Pull the connector straight out. If you pull at an angle, you risk breaking the connector or other components connected to it.The connector will stay attached to the electrical component of the coffee maker as indicated by the red box in the second photo.

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  • Turn coffee maker around so that the back is facing you.

  • Pull the cord out through the back window.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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