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  • Remove SIM card tray.

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  • Use the eject pin to open a gap and place a guitar pick into the gap.

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  • Slide the guitar pick to cut the adhesive sticker and peel off the soft back cover.

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  • Twist off three screws, pry up the securing bracket and remove the logo finally.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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So apparently, this phone was supposed to have a fingerprint scanner. To anyone who has done this repair, I'm sure you're as confused as me as to why there is a flex cable leading to the "M" logo with nothing attached. My though is that's where the scanner was going to go, and it just never happened, which also explains why the iconic Motorola M dimple is a separate part, compared to the old Moto X and the Gs and Es, which was part of the back plastic cover.

Jeff Caauwe - Reply

Where can you get the replacement part? I'm finding it difficult.

Niall Murray - Reply

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