Replacing the touch screen requires you to completely disassemble the device. Use caution when handling the shattered screen.

Turn off the device before beginning.
  • Turn off the device before beginning.

  • To remove the back cover, start at one corner and stick the plastic opening tool under the cover and pry it away from the phone.

  • With the plastic opening tool, pry all the way around the phone while lifting up on the cover.

  • You should hear a snapping sound at each corner.

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Unscrew the 14- 4mm screws using a T4 Torx driver head.
  • Unscrew the 14- 4mm screws using a T4 Torx driver head.

  • Working on a magnet board is recommended as the screws are small and can be easily misplaced.

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  • Using the same plastic opening tool as in step 1, once again pry up on the edges of the plastic back cover.

  • Be sure that all of the screws are out before lifting the cover. The plastic backing is fragile, and it may break.

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  • Gently lift the back plate away, exposing the motherboard. The battery will be stuck to the back of the cover, so be careful when lifting it off.

  • Do not touch the connections to the battery in the red square on the picture.

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  • Gently pull up on the red and black power cable to lift the connector out of the motherboard.

  • Move the battery and cover away from the motherboard.

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  • Unscrew the 3- 1mm screws using the T4 torx driver head.

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  • Lift up on the white plastic mount.

  • Pull the orange ribbon cable out gently.

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  • Gently pull the black ribbon cable out.

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  • Using the metal spudger, pry the motherboard away from the screen assembly.

Where do you get a new motherboard

sharon m caputo - Reply

Where do you get a new motherboard ? Please help I love this phone and want to fix it.

sharon m caputo - Reply

Where do you get a screwdriver that will unscrew those little

sharon m caputo - Reply

  • Use a heat gun or hairdryer to heat up the edges. This will loosen the glue so the screen can be removed.

  • The phone will be extremely hot. Avoid direct contact with metal pieces.

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  • Gently slide the metal spudger underneath the screen and pry it away from the backing.

  • Move the metal spudger under the digitizer and along the entire length of the phone to separate the screen from the adhesive.

  • If the screen was broken, glass shards may come off of the screen and puncture skin.

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  • Continue to heat and separate until the screen comes completely apart from the rest of the phone.

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  • To put the new screen on, press the new screen and digitizer into place, and then reapply heat to adhere the new screen.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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