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  1. 移除8颗4mm将底壳与MacBook相固定的八颗十字螺丝。
    • 移除8颗4mm将底壳与MacBook相固定的八颗十字螺丝。

  2. 下壳由橡胶涂层的铝构成。 在拆卸过程中不要过度弯曲铝壳,因为任何永久变形会导致重新组装后的公差问题。 从散热口附近处稍微提起。 继续在下方和上方之间使用你的手指,直到顶壳从卡扣中弹出。
    • 下壳由橡胶涂层的铝构成。 在拆卸过程中不要过度弯曲铝壳,因为任何永久变形会导致重新组装后的公差问题。

    • 从散热口附近处稍微提起。

    • 继续在下方和上方之间使用你的手指,直到顶壳从卡扣中弹出。

    • 这三个的位置显示在第三张图片中。

  3. 用扁平撬棒把电视与主板的连接线断开。
    • 用扁平撬棒把电视与主板的连接线断开。

    • 用你的指甲翘起接口的两端可能更简单。

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  5. 移除两个用来把电池固定在顶板的5 mm Y型螺丝
    • 移除两个用来把电池固定在顶板的5 mm Y型螺丝

  6. 用尖头撬棒小心地掀开警示标签,漏出一个隐藏的三角螺丝。
    • 用尖头撬棒小心地掀开警示标签,漏出一个隐藏的三角螺丝。

    • 移除这个把电池固定在顶板的5mm Y型螺丝。

  7. 移除位于电池边缘的三颗3.1mm十字螺丝。
    • 移除位于电池边缘的三颗3.1mm十字螺丝。

    • 在重新组装电池时,请务必先安装这三个螺钉,然后再拧紧Y型螺丝。

  8. 使用电池上的塑料拉手将电池从顶壳上移走。
    • 使用电池上的塑料拉手将电池从顶壳上移走。

    • 在你使用的电池之前先 校准 它:

    • 将其充电至100%,并继续充电至少2小时。拔下电源并正常使用以排空电池。当您看到低电量警告时,请保存您的工作,并保持笔记本电脑一直打开,直到它因电池电量不足而进入睡眠状态。等待至少5个小时,然后不间断地将笔记本电脑充电至100%。

    • 在你安装好你的新电池之后,如果你注意到任何不寻常的举动或是问题,你可能需要重置你MacBook Pro的SMC



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what size is the tri-wing screwdriver used in this guide(0,1,2,3,4,5?)

aknewhope - Reply

I bought a tri wing y1 from Wera, but it was way to big.... I guess I'll buy the ifixit bit set, but otherwise I would try y0.

--edit-- Looking at the photo's here of the tri-wing screws, it more looks like my macbook has different screws. Mine are black and as large as the other normal screws.

Looks like the 2010 version has y0 somehow.

Peterdk -

I just replaced the battery on my late 2009 mac and thanks to this and all the other detailed guides it was actually quite simple (save for those cursed tri-wings). Don't feed apple with money you can spend on better things. A battery-removel isn't one of them.

Sebastian Koch - Reply

For those that have questions about the size of the bit, every article starts with "Tools". The tri-wing is size Y1 as the guide says. 5mm is the length of the screw itself, not the size of the bit.

Just replaced a battery myself. The replacement battery (from an ebay seller) is supposed to be genuine, but was missing the "Warning, do not remove the battery" sticker and the "Do not throw in the trash" sticker, and the main sticker was glossy with air bubbles. Not sure if fake or not. But have been working great this first night.

This guide was spot on. Followed every step, and used the iFixit kit when doing the repair.

tech - Reply

I just replaced the battery, using a battery and tools from iFixit, and the guide was perfect. Many thanks!

bobleigh - Reply

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