If you are following this guide, that means your Motherboard is causing you issues on your Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 8. Before starting to work on your device, it is advised to back up any important files just in case something happens. You will want to make sure you have the device powered off to prevent harming yourself or damaging your hardware. To make reassembly easier, be sure to avoid misplacing the small screws by keeping track of them as you go.

  1. Open the kickstand by pressing the release button in the center.
    • Open the kickstand by pressing the release button in the center.

    • Remove the identification sticker with a pair of tweezers to allow access to the two 2mm screws underneath.

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  2. Remove the three 2mm screws under the kickstand with a PH00 screwdriver.
    • Remove the three 2mm screws under the kickstand with a PH00 screwdriver.

    • The third 2mm screw to the right may have an S sticker covering it which you can scrape off.

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    • Starting along the edge opposite of the hinge, insert a plastic opening tool between the screen and the backing to begin separating the small clips holding the backing on.

    • Work along the edge and then up the sides, separating the clips with the plastic opening tool.

    • There is adhesive underneath the slot for the SD card so you will need to slowly apply some force to break the adhesive.

    • As the back is separated from the device, be careful to not lose the power button. It may come loose and fall out.

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    • With the device oriented screen side down and hinge opposite of you, locate the silver metal bracket on the top left covering the battery and camera connections. Remove the two 3mm screws with a PH00 screwdriver.

    • Remove the bracket with your fingers to reveal the two silver battery and camera connections underneath.

    • Gently lift the connections off using tweezers.

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    • Locate the WiFi module connection on the motherboard by following the grey wire along the bottom. Use a spudger to gently pry it off.

    • Locate the volume control connector on the left side of the motherboard. Gently lift the silver connector off with a pair of tweezers.

    • Continuing up the left side of the motherboard, locate the white power button connector. Disengage the beige lock on the top of the connector by flipping it up with a pair of tweezers. Gently pull the wire from the connector using the tweezers.

    • Continuing along the top of the motherboard, disconnect the white LCD connection by disengaging the beige lock and pulling the wire out with tweezers.

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    • Continuing to the right along the top of the motherboard, the next wire connects to the motherboard in two places. First, gently lift pry off the gold connector on the right with a pair of tweezers, then use the tweezers to disengage the brown lock on the black connector to the left. Use the tweezers to gently pull out the wire.

    • The final black connector is located on the right side of the motherboard. Disengage the brown lock and pull out the wire with tweezers.

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    • Locate the blue and red coiled wire coming from the top right of the motherboard and follow it to the round metal component. Gently pry out the component with a metal spudger. It is held down by some adhesive.

    • A flat head screw driver was used in the picture but you should use a metal spudger if possible.

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    • Remove the six 2mm screws holding down the motherboard using a JIS00 screwdriver.

    • Lift out the motherboard with your fingers.

    First time doing that because I had something wrong flashed on my motherboard I wanted to change it. I got a new one. I habe removed the old one and tried to connect and fix the new one.

    First nothing worked. The I saw that I had forgot to connect the smaller one of the two cablebundles coming from the barrery. Then the tab started to work ebvenbefor I closed it. It showed the green battery symbol for charging (I had connected it to charge ist).

    Second problem: after assembling again with all connections - I think so - the tab gave boot sound an made vibrations but the monitor showed nothing.

    Third problem: the new motherboard is a bitt different from the old one: were before I had one grey wire for GPS and three black wires with tiny connectors no the new one has only a connection for the grey GPS.

    Now at least I am charging it hoping to get an idea……

    Thanks so far

    Charo Kikwalo or Horst Seeger

    Maybe you can tell me at least which wire or connector gives light to the monitor.

    Charo Kikwalo - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I got it thanks to your instruction. Now I hope to find a new motherboard AND to get it reconnected again. I’m abit worried about the small flat wires to get them located and connected properly again. My motherboard doesn’t work anymore because I was foolish enough to flash a wrong software.

Charo Kikwalo - Reply


how to buy

please contact detail .. please

Uma sankar patnaik - Reply

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