If you are experiencing sticky, unresponsive keys, you may need a new keyboard. This guide shows you how to replace your laptop's keyboard.


No parts required.

  1. Flip your laptop over so the bottom is facing up.
    • Flip your laptop over so the bottom is facing up.

    • Remove the memory panel by removing two black 5mm screws using the Phillips #0.

    • Remove the memory panel.

  2. Remove the two 5mm screw using the Phillips #0 screwdriver.
    • Remove the two 5mm screw using the Phillips #0 screwdriver.

    • Flip the laptop back over and open it.

    • Gently push down on the keyboard and slide it towards the screen. This will pop the bottom of the keyboard out of the casing.

    • The best place to push is on the frame of the keyboard by the power button.

    • Using the metal spudger, lift and slide out the keyboard.

    • When lifting the keyboard do not remove it completely because a cable will still be connected to the laptop.

    • Remove the orange cable by lifting up on the tab on the end of the ribbon connection.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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This is not the Lenovo Thinkpad T420. You can Tell by the RAM memory Slot Cover and the Position the RAM is put into its slot. the T420 RAM is Vertical Compared with being Horizontal in this Picture. that includes the cover also. Then the Battery Slot is a Dead Giveaway clue. The T420 Battery slot is in the middle. and this Picture has the battery slot to bthe left. Sorry Not Even Close. None of the screws he removes are on the T420. so this is Completely Useless. Thanks

Keith Cloward - Reply

The steps are almost exactly the same though - I've performed them on my own T420. This guide is for the T420s. Just remove the memory panel with the single screw on the base of the laptop, remove the screw with the keyboard emblem next to it, and follow the keyboard removal steps in this guide.

Toby Jones -

I just did this, in combination with this:

Was pretty easy and working great. I am bit intimidated opening up a laptop or PC, but the “Easy” rating on this gave me the idea to try. Glad I did.

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