If your tablet does not start properly or freezing...

If your tablet is stuck on Lenovo logo or...

If you have "Too many patterns attempts"...

If you forgot you password and can't log in with your google account...

If you want to erase data from the device...

Annotation!!! You will lose all your data!!!

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  1. First of all you can try soft reset from the reset switch. This method does not delete the data from the tablet.
    • First of all you can try soft reset from the reset switch. This method does not delete the data from the tablet.

  2. Now - hardware reset:
    • Now - hardware reset:

    • Switch off the tablet.

    • Press and hold at the same time Volume UP and Power keys.

    • When the System Recovery screen appears use the Volume Up/Down keys for navigation and the Power On key for OK.

    • Choose "wipe data / factory reset", "Yes -- delete all user data", "reboot system now".


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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If device is connected to charger that button combination doesn't work. It goes to hardware test menu.

Pekka Lounatvuori - Reply

How to reser chinese language lenova phone

With Chinese phones, you do not need to use other options, and there is no confirmation. The wipe simply starts, and completes by wiping your phone. Read more -

Rumal Roma - Reply

My lenovo a 1000 idea tab's display is bottom in to reset or fix it

ashiquehossain15 - Reply

my lenovo s850 is on meta mode when i press vol down + power button and nothing appear when i press vol up + power button.. the thing is i've tried many button sequence but i just cat get into reset mode or cynogen mode.. :(

wooblegooble92 - Reply

My lenovo tab isnt working until it went to some sort of menu using volume buttons but then i actually pressed something and it went to a screen saying "Now send the package you want to apply to the device using adb sideload <filename>" how do i go back to the reboot menu

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