The battery is located directly underneath the top assembly. The RAM module is located above the battery cable, so the RAM module needs to be removed first.

  1. Remember to power off the device before removing any parts.
    • Remember to power off the device before removing any parts.

    • Position the laptop so that the bottom enclosure is facing upward.

    • Locate the ten 1.9mm screws holding the bottom enclosure in place.

    • Use a Phillips #0 Screwdriver to remove all of the screws.

    • Under the rubber pads, there can be screws as well.

  2. Remove the keyboard starting at the top
    • Remove the keyboard starting at the top

    • Remove the ribbon cable and then fully remove the keyboard

    • Remove the 2 screws holding down the top

    • Position the device where it sits on the bottom encasing with the display open.

    • Grab the front edge of the top assembly and lift it up carefully.

    • There are three ribbon cables that attach the top assembly to the motherboard. Lift carefully to avoid damaging them.

    • Gently slide the three ribbon cables out of their slots.

    • Remove the top assembly completely by pulling it off of the device.

    • Locate the RAM module.

    • Locate the tabs on both sides of the RAM module

    • Rotate both tabs outward at the same time in order to release the RAM module.

    • Grab the RAM module and carefully pull it out from its position.

    • Locate the 1.9mm screw used to hold down the battery.

    • Use a Phillips #0 Screwdriver to remove the screw.

    • Find where the wires from the battery are connected to a port on the board.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to disconnect the wire encasing from the board.

    • Now that the battery is disconnected from the device, grab the battery and gently remove it from the device.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My 11S seems to be a bit different. It has Torx screws instead of phillips for the ten screws on the bottom.

There are two screws under the keyboard holding the top assembly to the bottom. In order to get the keyboard off I had to take out the screws underneath two of the feet on the bottom. Once you take off the keyboard and its ribbon cable, you can detach the three ribbon cables the author of this guide mentions without having to lift up the top assembly first.

I've also noticed there appear to be two different types of batteries for this laptop with the same part number. The first like mine and the one in this teardown have one tab on each of the shorter sides of the battery, while others seem to have two tabs on those same sides of the battery.

Mike G - Reply

Does anyone have a reliable source for a replacement battery?

Brian Simpson - Reply

Great help in replacing my battery. One thing is to be sure to get an original Lenovo battery. The cheap batteries will not work. The 11S has a built in check for third party batteries and the system will not charge the non Lenovo battery.

Mike Rowe - Reply

Mike Rowe is exactly correct, Lenovo Ideapads WILL NOT accept 3rd party batteries.

Bobby Gorden - Reply

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