If you forgot your password, screen lock or you have a problem with the Android OS or you want to erase all information from your table, you can do this with a Factory, Hard reset.

You can do this from Android System Recovery menu or from Factory mode menu.


No parts required.

Video Overview

1. Switch of the tablet. If the device freezes, you can use a reset hole under the memory card reader cover.
  • 1. Switch of the tablet. If the device freezes, you can use a reset hole under the memory card reader cover.

  • 2. Press and hod: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons.

  • 3. In the Recovery menu, use the Volume Down button to move the highlight and the Volume Up to select.

  • 4. Choose one by one: "wipe data/factory reset", "Yes -- delete all user data" and finally "reboot system now".

when i press power key+volume up key nothing happened.. what can i do?

samasdn - Reply

My tab is rooted and I upgraded my lenovo tab 2

shammas.vot - Reply

so I hold the up and down volumes let's at the same time for 10. right?

britt - Reply

hold the up button on the Side and the the power button should that work?

britt - Reply

1. Switch off the tablet.
  • 1. Switch off the tablet.

  • 2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power On keys.

  • 3. When you feel release only the Power button. Now your device is in Factory mode.

  • 4. Use the Volume Up/Down keys for movement and the Power key for select.

  • 5. Select ¶§ eMMC (Clean eMMC)

  • -----

  • -----

  • Did you do it successfully?

no, i cant do it

Dewie Oktasari - Reply

How can i change that language to english

Clement Learn - Reply

2nd variant helped thanx a lot

edemko - Reply

I pressed reset button and selected eMMC (only thing appearing in English alphabet). Thought when LENOVO appeared on screen that was previously just dark that I had successfully rebooted. Now, however, there is a spinning circle like you get when a video is buffering. This has been on for at least 15 minutes. What now??

D. L. Perry - Reply

I have the same case, what should I do ? Can u help me? Thanks!

Peachengg00 -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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let me try and see

usman aleeyu - Reply

Is it applicable to my lenovo a516?

valvinzon - Reply

yes it works thanks

abdullahjanajy - Reply

Well thanks!! I was worried about my tab and now i can fix easily tab without paying others to fix my tab. Thank you again :))

Christian Lemuel Espenilla - Reply

my tablet is freezed and have no act on this way u said, i try a lot of internet advice , but still is not working , it is freezed

afshin Bahrami - Reply

will it remove all photos ??

Mahmoud Elnaggar - Reply

i have problem with my tab A3500

its restart alone without asking me

i try format it it but the problem still

what can i do

please help me

bandar baffan - Reply

I m still having problems rebooting it it just opens no android sign comes

Mohsin khan - Reply

After factory reset I don't habe any virtual keyboard an many alerts about google services not available.

What can I do?

fb - Reply

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msmak22 - Reply

i have 1 problem, i have try all these methods and its not working, it because when i'm doing system update, it going to hard reset and i don't know what to chose, then i click "wipe cache partities" and then it going to black dead screen. i don't know why. please help me :( thank you. #sorry my bad english

Paulus Farrel - Reply

Started giving a high radiolike off frequency noise, then blanked out the screen and now does not power off nor reboot. Any hints?


Kim Pettersson - Reply

My tab A3500 has a problem,this pop out says "unfortunately lenovo launcher has stop" then I can not open all my apps,all the time is pop out blocks all apps,what will I afraid to reformat cos I may lost all my pictures and data,please help me!!!

Thank you.

Jing Padernal - Reply

I have done the forementioned steps, but stuck on logo, will not start booting, any advice?

I have an Imac sierra osx

Thorstein Hansen - Reply

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