This guide will show you how to replace the rear camera in your LeapFrog LeapPad 2.

Turn the tablet so the back is visible.
  • Turn the tablet so the back is visible.

  • One at a time, remove the battery covers by sliding them towards the sides and away from the center of the device.

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Remove the AA batteries from both battery compartments of the device.
  • Remove the AA batteries from both battery compartments of the device.

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  • Use a Phillips #1 screwdriver to remove the following screws from the device:

    • Four 7.0mm Phillips screws

    • Three 6.0mm Phillips screws

    • Two 10.0mm Phillips screws

      • These two screws are behind the barcode decal on the bottom of the device. Expose the screws by puncturing, cutting, or peeling the barcode decal.

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  • Use a small plastic opening tool to begin separating the colored front cover from the white rear cover of the device.

  • With one hand on the front cover and one hand on the rear cover, start from the bottom of the device and begin pulling the pieces apart.

  • The most stubborn tabs holding the front and rear together are along the top edge of the tablet around the game cartridge slot. This will most likely be the last area that separates, and it may require a moderate amount of force.

  • Once only the top edge remains connected, simultaneously pull the rear cover backwards away from the front cover and upwards towards the top of the device. This should release the last remaining tabs holding the pieces together.

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  • Open the camera ribbon cable connector by lifting on the brown latch with a plastic opening tool or a finger until it is in a vertical position.

    • Failing to do this correctly could result in damage to the cable and/or connector.

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  • Use flat tweezers or fingers to pull the rear camera ribbon cable out of the motherboard's camera connector.

  • If the connector is properly open, disconnecting the ribbon cable should require little to no force.

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  • Lift the camera body out of the plastic frame by using two small plastic opening tools as follows:

  • Place one opening tool directly under the base of the camera ribbon cable and camera body, applying upward pressure.

  • At the same time, use the other tool to release one of the clips on the left or the right of the camera body.

    • The left side of the camera body is shown here as the top, with the right side shown as the bottom.

    • Be careful not to bend the retaining clips too far as this can damage them.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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