Barebones disassembly of the LG G6 to determine its repairability.

Front and back reference photos.
  • Front and back reference photos.

  • SIM and SD card tray immediately removable.

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Opening requires heating the back and cutting through several pieces of adhesive.
  • Opening requires heating the back and cutting through several pieces of adhesive.

    • The glass is fairly stiff and opening isn't too tough, but the rear glass doubles the potential damage if the phone is dropped

  • The rear button is connected to the phone via spring contacts, making opening much safer.

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  • The rear button is covered by a reinforcement bracket that is adhered to the rear case. Presumably this makes the button less likely to fail, and may protect the rear case as well.

  • The button components and gasket use adhesive, but replacement isn't too challenging. A mechanical button may be more likely to fail than a solid touch button.

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  • The battery isn't immediately disconnectable; the midframe components must first be removed.

  • Several identical Phillips #00 screws secure the midframe/antenna assembly. These are the only screws in the device.

  • The lower speaker/antenna portion must be removed first; the upper portion comes out second, and has the NFC coil adhered to it.

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  • The battery can now be removed. The blue plastic tab on the battery appears to be intended to aid removal. It helps a bit, but breaks easily at the wrong angle.

  • Large patch of specialty cut adhesive secures the battery making removal more difficult than necessary.

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  • Motherboard is now removable.

  • Once the motherboard is removed, the cameras can be removed.

  • There is also an antenna interconnect cable removable at this point.

  • The SIM/SD slots are soldered to the main board making replacements expensive. However, these are relatively low wear and the motherboard is mostly modular.

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  • The final component removal includes:

    • Headphone jack (modular, gasket to aid waterproofing) and modular earpiece speaker

    • Vibrator, switch assembly (gaskets in display assembly to protect ingress from button covers)

    • Charging port assembly (modular cheap repair, gasket against hole)

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  • The LG G6 earns a 5 out of 10 on our repairability scale (10 is the easiest to repair):

    • Many components are modular and can be replaced independently.

    • Standard Phillips screws used, very sparingly, throughout.

    • The battery can be replaced, but tough adhesive and a glued-on rear panel make it unnecessarily difficult.

    • Front and back glass doubles the crackability, and strong adhesive on both makes it tough to begin any repair.

    • Components adhered to the back of a fused display assembly.

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