Here is a brewer that had mysteriously stopped working so i set out to fix it.

Image 1/1: Be sure to unplug the unit or risk a dangerous electric shock.
  • Here she is. Now lets take her apart!

  • Be sure to unplug the unit or risk a dangerous electric shock.

  • Remove the water reservoir and the cup rest; set them aside.

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Image 1/1: These 5 screws hold it on, remove them.
  • Start by removing the bottom cover.

  • These 5 screws hold it on, remove them.

  • This rivet connects the ground rivets to the cover, it will need to be drilled out to fully remove the cover.

  • Do not remove the feet as it is not necessary.

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Image 1/2: Here is the water pump.
  • View without cover.

  • Here is the water pump.

  • Water tank

  • Inlet, remove the two screws as it is attached to the pump

  • Remove these screws to free the pump. once free *carefully* cut the cable ties on the two hoses so it can be removed

  • Once all the lines are free you will need to un-solder the two wires attached to the pump so that it can be fully removed.

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Image 1/2: Don't forget to replace those zip ties that you cut off.
  • And there you have it. If you have a new one you can now install it.

    • Don't forget to replace those zip ties that you cut off.

  • If you don't have a new one you can try to fix this one by removing these four screws and removing any blockage.

  • Now Keurig doesn't stock spare parts, so unless you can get your hands on another broken machine you will need to fix the existing motor or source a new one. Radio Shack stocks small motors like this, they won't be exact but with a little modification you should be able to get it working.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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how do you know if its your water pump not working? when I turn on my keurig, and the not ready sign is on, the water starts running out of the top like it has a K cup in it but it does not. It just needs the water to fill inside to be in the ready state. A couple days ago I was able to brew a cup and now it wont work.. HELP!

ashley - Reply

Your going to need to be a little more specific. Explain it in detail and I'll have a better idea of what's going on.

Dans iPod Repair - Reply

Hi Dan.. Happy New Year.

Would you know if this is the only motor in the unit?

I've removed it but would like to test it before I replace it to make sure it is defective.

Any suggestions on how to best test?

mark -

My Keurig does work, but it makes a ton of noise like vibrating until the brewing begins. Could this the same culprit?

Raymond Cardenas - Reply

Do any of you know why a Keurig B77 would shut off when refilling the chamber after brewing? This happens after each cycle. The cup brews, starts filling the chamber then shuts off. When you turn it back on it continues to fill until it reaches the limit. Any help will be appreciated.

momto2 - Reply

My keriug heats the water says ready to brew when it says brewing it makes a click and don't brew can someone please help

annettehs - Reply

I have the K75 and have done all the cleaning tips to be able to get a cup of coffee to brew to the correct level. The problem still is there. I can hear the pump and see the water being sucked down, but then when it starts to brew it dribbles and does not fill the cup. I have tried all 4 level settings and it seems to get stuck on the travel mug size after choosing it and still dribbles but wont reset that cup size and several times of pushing brew and not getting hardly anything out of it. Wondering what might be the issue so I can correct it.

vadieellen - Reply

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