To replace the millstones, the top cover must be removed. The replacement of millstones is basically the same for all Jura coffee makers. Step 5 refers to a different model series and must be skipped.


  1. Always remove the power cord from the wall outlet.
    • Always remove the power cord from the wall outlet.

    • Lift out the coffee tray

    • Remove the lid sealing the coffee bean container

    • Remove all of the coffee beans you can possibly remove.

    • Pull the adjuster of the coffee bean grinder straight up

    • Remove the four T15 Torx screws

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  2. Remove the cup heat plate.
    • Remove the cup heat plate.

      • It can be opened like a book.

    • Below the cup heat plate there are three more T15 Torx screws. Remove them.

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    • The top cover is now free. Lift ´er up and set ´er aside.

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    • This guide is suitable for many models of Jura Impressa and similar ones of AEG and Krups. The results of this repair are amazing!

    • On the picture you can see a new pair of grindstones on the left side and an old pair on the right. The stones consist in a ring and a cone.

    • You must not necessarily remove the side covers.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Make a photo of the adjuster in order to restore the situation later, then pull it out.

    • There are two holes in which two screws hold the container for the coffee. Clean them, then unscrew them. The protection cap must not be removed.

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    • Now the grinder is free. Again take a picture, then pull out the axis of the adjuster.

    • There is a silicon sealing, remove it.

    • Watch the fabrication signs , here green. This alignment must be restored later. Now turn the great black gear about 90 degrees counterclockwise. The grinder ring is free and can be lifted off.

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    • In the next step be very careful not to loose these three springs, balls and cartridges.

    • Now the coffee bean feeding helix can be removed. Very very carefully lift off the grinder cone

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    • Clean everything well.

    • The felt ring around the drive axis can be pulled out using a needle. Clean it. For the inner grinder use a wet cloth, the other parts with brush and warm water. Each part must be well dried before assembling it.

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    • Push both latches alternately. The ring cover comes out.

    • Two clamps hold the grinder ring, push them and it is free

    • Again clean everything. Press in the new ring and cover.

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    • First insert the cleaned driver, then the three sleeves, springs and balls. Now fit the grinding cone on the three balls.

    • Then fit the auger, screw in central screws. When screwing in, push the cone downwards and make sure that everything meshes.

    I think the balls have to go first. That way the middle stone can slip if the grinder is blocked.

    That is also what the exploded diagram that circulates online seems to show.

    Comments appreciated.

    Mark - Reply

    I did this fix many times: the balls are on top oft the springs! They do fit into the corresponding holes in the underside of the cone, as you can clearly see in the picture. If the cone is stopped by e.g. a little stone, the balls come out of the holes saving the motors life.

    VauWeh - Reply

    Thank you for the explanation! It is clear now.

    Mark - Reply

    • Insert grinding ring. The black gear is turned to the right again until the three marks are aligned. Then reinstall the adjuster drive shaft as it was originally.

    • The adjustment oft the new grinder burrs musst not necessarily be the same as the old ones. You can approximately find the mean position, which was marked before, by turning the outer ring as far as possible clockwise, then turning it fourteen clicks backwards.

    • It is a good idea to check if the grinder rotates freely. You can remove the meal hopper and look at the millstones from the side.

    • Then install the remaining parts in reverse order.

    • You can set the grinding degree nicely by placing an empty roll of toilet paper perpendicular to the open mill and filling it with a few coffee beans. Plug in the plug (be careful!), choose a cup of coffee and watch as the coffee grounds fall out of the grinder.

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    • These two pictures are no fake: Before repairing the grinder the coffee is thin and transparent. With new stones the coffee is strong and has a fine crema. The repair was a real success!

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To reassemble your device, follow these steps in reverse order

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