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This Guide will help you replace the battery inside a JBL Xtreme Bluetooth Speaker.

  1. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Cover: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Locate the seams next to the 'feet' on the bottom side of the device.

  2. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 2, image 1 of 2 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 2, image 2 of 2
    • Use the metal spudger to gently pry and lift the edge of the seam. The cover is held in place with plastic snaps that will make a popping noise when disengaged. !!Start with the back half, this will expose TWO Screws that need to be removed before lifting the front half.

    Start with the back half, this will expose TWO Screws that need to be removed before lifting the front half.

    MrMindlink - Reply

    Yes, the fact needs to be added that two screws need to also be removed to get the cover off. One side snaps off but the other is attached with two screws.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

    %#*@^@. I ripped the plastic things apart. Should have red the comments first. &&^&.

    brobarongg - Reply

    same here ;D just grabbed some glue and hope it will stick :D

    Patrick Tippner -

    Vorsichtig die Kante hochhebel, wo der Reissverschluss ist. Da ist die Hülle gesteckt. Die andere Seite hat Schrauben die man lösen sollte. Ansonsten zerstört man zu Beginn die Befestigung der einen Seite.

    Roland Bürger - Reply

  3. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 3, image 1 of 2 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 3, image 2 of 2
    • For the first part of the case: gently pull back the edges of the case rotating along the hinge opposite the opening seam illustrated in the second photo. Plastic snaps hold the cover in place.

    • For the second part of the case: there are 2 screws to be removed at the seam. Once removed, the case will come off completely without forcing.

    Hello Where can I get a replacement cover?? Mine is damaged.

    juan.rey19 - Reply

    Did u ever find it they sell the covers?

    jorgetovar698 -

    Careful with this step, my JBL Xtreme case was also held in place by wo little srews !

    Arthur Lecharny - Reply

    It feels like you are “breaking” the cover, but in fact it seems to have a kind of “bending point” near the top of the cover by the exterior controls. Watch for the two screws to remove.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

    There is two screws holding the cover at its other end beside the plastic snaps

    Nader Belaid - Reply

    %#*@! broke one of the little snaps near the 2 screws. still holds tight though.. be careful when pulling them out. Also, don’t forget the screws

    Mike - Reply

  4. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Bass Radiator: step 4, image 1 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Bass Radiator: step 4, image 2 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Bass Radiator: step 4, image 3 of 3
    • Unscrew the six 9.75mm Phillips head screws holding the bass radiator in place.

    • Three of the five outer screws are indicated in the first image and the sixth inner screw is indicated in the second image.

    This was the most difficult part for me. The screws are pretty tight, I needed a larger screwdriver to get them out.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

    Achtung, die Bassstrahler sind mit dem Gehäuse über zwei “Klebedichtungen” verbunden. Diese müssen beim Zusammenbau wieder eingebaut werden.

    Carsten Schultze-Hartmann - Reply

  5. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 5, image 1 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 5, image 2 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 5, image 3 of 3
    • Once the screws have been removed, the bass radiator will easily lift free.

    • Both radiators are identical. Repeat the above steps on the opposite radiator if necessary.

    where can i buy these parts mate?

    troy yerbury - Reply

    Where can I buy the bass radiators independently?

    Daryl Duliep Hernandez - Reply

    Ich empfehlen, erst den 7. Schritt auszuführen. So kann anhand der Kabel feststellen welcher Bassstrahler entfernt werden muss!

    I would recommend to do the 7th step first. So can determine, based on the cable, which bass radiator must be removed!

    Android Robo - Reply

    Wo kann ich den die Ersatzteile kaufen bassstrahler und ein hochtöner???

    Sven Muelle - Reply

    Schritt sieben zuerst ist eine grandiose Idee, erspart einiges an Nerven.

    Benni Basisch - Reply

    die Linke Seite wie auf dem Bild ist die richtige. Dahinter findet man die Platine mit dem Anschlussstecker für den Akku. Somit sollte eigentlich 1ne Seite reichen.

    Roland Bürger - Reply

  6. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Battery: step 6, image 1 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Battery: step 6, image 2 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement, Battery: step 6, image 3 of 3
    • Locate the three 9.7mm Phillips head screws inside the zipper compartment and unscrew them.

    • Lift the zipper panel out of the speaker.

    • The side of the panel opposite the screws is held in place by small clamps. The panel should easily lift free from the device, but may require gentle prying.

    The screw on the left is tough to get at.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

    Opgelet, de beide scharnierpunten zij in z-vorm (plastic) en kunnen afbreken.

    Ronald vdz - Reply

    When opening pry from the back to unclip the clamps.

    Meavey - Reply

    Achtung! Auf der Seite ohne Schrauben sind 2 Klemmen, die man schnell abreißt … daher das Teil nach lösen der Schrauben nicht nach oben wegklappen… sondern versuchen das ganze Teil vorsichtig nach oben zu heben. Ist am Ende aber nicht dramatisch und hält trotzdem.

    Roland Bürger - Reply

  7. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 7, image 1 of 2 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 7, image 2 of 2
    • Under the zipper panel are eight more 9.75mm Phillips head screws. Unscrew them and carefully lift the battery cover.

    • Be careful not to damage the small white ribbon cable which connects the battery cover to the rest of the device.

    • 2 small screws hold this part to the cover. For ease of future handling, remove them and gently pull this part out to release the cover.

    These screws are also very tight and easily stripped if not careful. Use a bigger screwdriver.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

  8. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 8, image 1 of 2 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 8, image 2 of 2
    • Locate the cable illustrated in this picture.

    • Gently unplug the cable from the motherboard.

    Needed to use needle nose pliers to reach this plug.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

    Note which way the plug goes in as it could get turned around.

    Terry Kraft - Reply

    I did it by removing the speaker instead of what it shows in the picture!

    ISIDRO GOMEZ - Reply

    My plug was glued with some red, waxy stuff - be aware. JBL folks don’t want you to change the battery :D carefully scratch the glue out without damaging the board and you’ll be fine.

    Benni Basisch - Reply

  9. JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 9, image 1 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 9, image 2 of 3 JBL Xtreme Battery Replacement: step 9, image 3 of 3
    • Carefully lift the battery free of the device, threading the cable through the hole in the case as you do so.

    Thanks for your help. I also changed battery capacity upto 18000 mah. my work with poor English speaking sorry for

    Abrar Akram - Reply

    Habe den Akku getauscht,leider blinkt jetzt nur noch die Bluetooth Lampe und ich kann mich mit keinem Gerät mehr verbinden.Koppeln geht,aber nicht mehr verbinden.

    Frank Lonnemann - Reply

    Super Anleitung. Konto genau nach Bildern die Box zerlegen und den Akku tauschen. Vielleicht noch ein Hinweis zum kleinen weißen Flachbandkabel am Akkufachdeckel. Es ist für die Akkustands Anzeige. Wie empfohlen habe die Anzeige durch lösen der beiden kleinen Kreuzschrauben entfernt. Das macht das Arbeiten wirklich viel entspannter.

    Danke für die schönen Bilder und die Anleitung.

    Andreas Fahrenberger - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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What model of battery do you need if replacing? Thanks

sean - Reply

I couldn't find the battery specification anywhere in the Internet, so I removed it, easily following the well presented instructions above. The battery has two cells. The label on each cell says Greatpower, model no. GSP0931134, 7.4 volts, 5000 mah, 37Wh, made in China. Overall dimensions are 145mm x 32mm x 19mm (145mm includes a small electronic board where cables from the board connect to the plug.) After an Amazon and Google search, I'm no closer to a replacement. At least the reassembled Xtreme works without a battery with external power. JBL is of no help, either. I'll be looking model airplane stores, as they have every LiPo battery imaginable. In summary, the JBL Xtreme is a short lived unsupported product.

Gustavo Garcia Swengel - Reply

This is kinda late but were there any extra steps for running the speaker without a battery? Since the speaker is not working anymore at all, even with power connected, I would be happy to run it like this but am not sure whether it is really enough to just remove the battery.

Roland Deschain -

this &&^&^$^ jbl costumer support service is charging me $110 for battery replacement, and a $30 service charge, it cost half of the speaker price,

christian cometa - Reply

Same here in Hungary.

I’ve got a battery issue (a full charge lasts only about 3-4 hours of playback on mid volume) after a little more than 1 year of usage…

110 US dollars for replacement. Nonsense!

Mark Rakoczi -

It’s interesting that these are all 5,000 mAh. JBL lists the capacity on their website and on the packaging as 10,000 mAh Capacity.

Brian - Reply

Does that mean we need to buy two 5000mAh GSP0931134 replacement cells?

Tristan Drummond -

The battery works great for me. I am no expert, but this guide made it easy. I added some info to help other people in the future. My JBL Extreme is cordless again for 10 hours at a time! Thanks!

I found new battery at Battery

Terry Kraft - Reply

Did a google search on “JBL  xtreme battery” and several sources popped up with what appears to be a replacement battery..

jambre1 - Reply increase your JBL Xtreme battery capacity upto 18000 mah playback timings.

Abrar Akram - Reply

Just now 03/07/2018

I changed my Battery 5000mAh GSP0931134 Battery for JBL Xtreme by ++SMAVCO.++

bought it on took me less than 15min. to replaced my extreme. its now back to rock some bass.


Mark Francisco - Reply

Found one on

Work Fine and good quality,

3-5 days delivery,

good price and Work just like OEM.Good Fit.

check it out,

5000mAh GSP0931134 Speaker Battery for JBL Xtreme bluetooth speaker

Daniel - Reply

Hey guys does the Extreme works when u taking the baterry off just with the cable pluged? Cause mine stoped working even with the cable pluged is that still battery has to do something? I had issues with battery but it just not powering on

Naglis U - Reply

Yes, it works without batteries.

maddinsheyla -

Does the Xtreme 1 works without a battery plugged in? I’m trying to charge without battery… without success. So, is it a malfunctioning charge port?

Dennis - Reply

Hi I’m from Australia, ordered a $38 battery replacement and tool kit off eBay.

Followed this guide which took took me about 45 minutes (some of the screws are real tight or in a $@$* position so I used a larger screwdriver which helped a lot)

removing the clip on the battery inside took me about five minutes to do since I have large hands and could barely fucken work around it.

process was easy and straight forward, very happy with the outcome.

cheers for the write up!

Hybr1dK1dz - Reply

Ist sogar als Handwerker mit den dicksten Fingern zu bewerkstelligen die Nummer. 3 verschiedene Schraubenlängen sind dabei vorhanden. Davon sind 3 Stück Senkschrauben. Man muss schon vom Feldweg kommen um das nicht zu schaffen. Den originalen Akku bekommt man über den Zulieferer von JBL/Kardon auf Nachfrage bei ESCoor GmbH. für 66€ incl Versand. Als einziges Manko bei der Fummelarbeit wäre zu meinen, dass die Gummidichtungen beim Ausbau zerreissen. Diese lassen sich ein wenig umständlich mittels einer heißen Rolladennadel osä. wieder thermisch zusammenfügen und dann noch fummeliger wieder den Spalt einsetzen. Also tief in den Spalt drücken und denn schnell zusammenbauen. Das Argument des ewigen Neukaufens ist somit wieder vom Tisch. Geile Anleitung Danke!!!

Nicemusic kapell - Reply

Bought a new battery, installed it, the Xtreme still won’t charge. The new battery initally showed 2 LED’s when I initially powered up, and drainedto one flashing red LED.   Checked the dc side of the power brick, read 19(+/-) Volts.  I did notice a little side-to-side play in the charging connection. To get at it, it appears that I’ll have to disassemble the entire Xtreme to get at the motherboard. I’ll post when it’s done…..

jambre1 - Reply

Done with JBL, these companies should make battery replacement easier, do they think I will buy another, no “F” way. Never buying another JBL product!

media3man - Reply


merci pour ce tutoriel simple et efficace

ma jbl xtrem est comme neuve


beautier david - Reply

Please my question is on the replacement battery, the one on this (JBL Xtreme Battery), if there is anyone here who has used it for more than a year and if it still holds charge. Thanks

Ejike Anunike - Reply

Yes mine is still working g great from 2017!

Terry Kraft -

Look at my link above on the battery I bought. Still works great three years later.

Terry Kraft - Reply

I have seen reviews where customers stated that this particular battery you bought(Cameron Sino 5000mAH) goes from %100 to 30% capacity in 6-8 months.

Ejike Anunike -

Many thanks to Sylvain and the other technicians involved. If you don't have two left hands, the changing is relatively easy with this very, very good description.

The old (original) battery/akku was always down after a max. of half an hour. Annoying when you want to use the Xtreme mobile. As the other users already announced, the JBL replacement is very, very expensive. So I bought one at Amazon. 5000 mAh for about 30 EUR / 36 USD.

As Gustavo already mentioned, the original cell is marked with 5000 mAh. And it seems, the are two of them installed (in one block). I am now curious how long a battery charge will last. But still better as the old battery. And then I won't use the box as a power bank anymore.

Stefan Zimmermann - Reply

I put four 18650 cells in there, works better than new! ;)

Marton Gergely - Reply

Great idea, how did you do that???

Noel Marten -

This battery seems to have the clip necessary to fully connect the battery properly. Will do the repair in a few days. Just waiting on parts. Will explain if this truly worked appropriately after repair and testing.

Brian Fritts - Reply

My battery has deteriorated very rapidly as well, just over a year and I only get a couple of hours, poor quality batteries used in these. Also not possible to even find a replacement here in SA. :(

Noel Marten - Reply

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