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  1. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement, USB Chip: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Remove plastic outer housing using hands or a standard spudger.

    • Important! Note the three alignment pins on the inner part of the housing. When reassembling, take special care to line these up and insert the pins into the receivers on the chassis prior to snapping the edges into place.

  2. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • Carefully remove outer frame to expose the inner components of the speaker.

    ACHTUNG: Dazu muss man zum einen auf der Lautsprecherseite an beiden Enden jeweils 2 Schrauben lösen (siehe “Step 3”, warum auch immer einem das erst in einem Folgeschritt gezeigt wird), zum anderen auf der anderen Seite (neben den Bedienelementen) jeweils 3 Schrauben auf beiden Seiten. Versäumt man letzteres (wie es mir ergangen ist, weil in der Anleitung ja nichts davon stand), geht der äußere Rahmen auch ab, allerdings brachen dann die dünnen Plastikösen, in denen die 6 Schrauben steckten, ab! Was für den späteren Zusammenbau und die Stabilität des Gehäuses alles andere als günstig wäre (und bei mir so ist ;-(

    Sebastian Plickert - Reply

    /!\ WARNING /!\

    Remove the screws of step 3 (each side) + 3 screws on each side. There’s a total of 10 screws to remove before removing the piece as shown.

    Also pay attention to the plug hatch.

    (hope you’ll read this before damaging your speaker)

    Matthis RIVAT - Reply

  3. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • loosen the screws to remove the outer frame

    To avoid confusion and possible damage I feel that this should be step 2 instead of step 3, or should be added to step 2. A mention of how many screws need loosening would help tons too.

    My unit required the loosening of 4 total #00 Phillips screws exposed on both sides and also required the removal of 6 additional #00 Phillip's screws holding down the outer frame on either side of the long section.

    Daniel Feynman - Reply

  4. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 4, image 1 of 1
    • Remove the 8 8.9mm Phillips #00 screws to unfasten the side passive drivers. Set the screws and side passive drivers aside safely.

    Not sure if my unit is a later revision or had been opened up before, but the screws I encountered holding the drivers in place were 8 #2 Phillip's screws of similar measurement.

    Daniel Feynman - Reply

  5. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 5, image 1 of 1
  6. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 6, image 1 of 2 JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 6, image 2 of 2
    • Remove the 3 pin connector from the USB chip.

    Where can I get a usb chip from?

    Alan Hall - Reply

  7. JBL Flip 3 USB Chip Replacement: step 7, image 1 of 1
    • remove screws to expose usb port

    I removed all the six screws but the cover doesn't budge. Could it be glued?

    hexa dezimal - Reply

    After removing the screws, you can lift up the upper part containing the switches, the LEDs and the cover of the USB port, hence revealing the view on the battery and the delicate ribbon cable as shown above.

    However, the USB plug and its daughterboard are still attached to the motherboard. In order to replace the USB plug, we would need further instructions on how to remove ist. I do not understand why the guide ends at this point. Without this information, the guide seems pretty useless to me.

    Additionally, In my case, the USB plug, its daughterboard and the ribbon cables are fixed to the main compartment with some sort of black as well as yellow glue. Any idea how to remove that, without further damage?

    Sebastian Plickert - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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how can i find the me at plz

leedeen2000 - Reply

I feel that the difficulty is just because of the lack of detail on the instructions. I also need to find the part, but where do I get it? I searched on eBay, Amazon and got nothing. That means that I have to scavenge this part from another one?

rodri.mendoza.t - Reply

i already got step 5, but i need know how i can get the replacement ? Any idea ?

PabloM - Reply

Looking for the part 2…

Daniel Brockbank - Reply

Looking for the same thing…

Daniel Brockbank - Reply

Where can I purchase the replacement charger port from?

BR Tony Dain

Anthony Dain - Reply

Where can I purchase the charger port from?

BR Ant

Anthony Dain - Reply

Same, where is this board available? Would this work to fix the USB charger?

Strip the broken part off the board and solder the wires to the breakout.

Brian Barlow - Reply

Same problem here and where to get the replacement part?

Ronnie Nolasco - Reply

where do i get the replacement part email me :

Ezequiel - Reply

There could have been a lot more detail put into this. From what I can tell, the charging port itself has to be desoldered and replaced. I recommend AliExpress to buy the part.

Jack R - Reply

Where can we get that part, the PCB chip.

Email me please.

David Dionisio - Reply

USB board assembly part not available. Sorry Charlie !

Andrew Kasper - Reply

Where can we get the usb pcb board set for replacement?

jthokson - Reply

Where can we get or buy the usb pcb board for replacement?

jthokson - Reply

These instructions are missing crucial information and steps are presented out of order to how disassembly should be done.

Daniel Feynman - Reply

I fully agree. I was very content with all the repair guides I found on ifixit so far, but this guide is really poor. Missing steps, wrong order, and it does not even lead to the solution that it pretends to deliver. I am sorry, if the authors are not willing to improve and to complete this guide, it should better be removed, in order to be replaced by something more useful.

Sebastian Plickert -

where are the parts

rene - Reply

Where can we get or buy the usb pcb board for replacement? Same questions already post it but answer.

Petzoldt - Reply

The USB socket I used was from ebay. Just search for 'micro USB 4 vertical legs' and you'll see the parts.

Easily found.

Jim Sutton - Reply

Mi puerto está en corto circuito como lo debo reparar

Yoendry Navarro - Reply

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