This guide can be used to replace your USB ports and aux cable.

Flip the device so the bottom is facing you.
  • Flip the device so the bottom is facing you.

  • Remove the bottom pad with a nylon or metal spudger.

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Remove the 4 screws that hold the white cover.
  • Remove the 4 screws that hold the white cover.

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  • Slide under the cover and remove it.

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  • Remove the one screw holding the circuit board.

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  • Pry the board with the plastic opening tool.

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  • Slide the ribbon gently out of the connector.

What the name of the white ribbon and where can i buy another mine on my jbl got damaged

Jose Lopez - Reply

From where can I get the micro usb port. Its broken…or what's its called?

Shreyansh Badola - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Hi! I need the mini usb piece but I don´t know were I can buy it, it is not like the mobile one´s! Please help me!


Clash Ofclans - Reply

Just having the same issue with the internally broken micro-usb connector. Is it standard, or something special? Thanks!

egyusza - Reply

I think it is not normal, if you can find it please contact me! Thanks

Clash Ofclans - Reply

I also need to replace my usb connector, has anyone found out where to get one?

Rick - Reply

need the micro-usb aswell

hellgrenmicke - Reply

My jbl charge 2+ is different, after removing the plastic thing in step one there aren't any screws

Juan Sanchez - Reply

[|same too at mine :-(]

Eki mako -

I tried step one and was only able to peel off the rubber base exposing the double sided tape. I do not see the cover as shown in step 2. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Trevor Tremblay - Reply

Same case here… :-(

Eki mako -

Hi, are There different versions of the 2+?

i don’t have screws at the bottomplate and it looks different…

Eki mako - Reply

How can i make the sound come back?

Tara Ruesta - Reply

where do i get the part?!?!? Torn down the speaker allrdy..

Hannu “Hulluporo” Albrecht - Reply

The easiest thing is to replace the whole circuit board, I’d try ebay and get something like this

viarengo1 - Reply

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