Removing, inspecting, and replacing the clutch on a Scout 80 with 152 engine

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  • Start with removing passenger seat. Remove shifter boots and shift knobs. Next the center transmission/transfer case cover inside the vehicle.

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  • Next you'll need an impact gun or a large 1/2 inch drive breaker bar to remove the nut from inside the transfer case. It is behind the round cover on the transfer case. You should also remove the speedometer cable from the transfer case. This would be a good time to disconnect the drivelines, wrap tape around the U-joints to keep the caps from falling off and losing the needle bearings. I use pieces of coat hanger to hang the drive lines.

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  • To drain the fluid there are drain plugs on the transmission and transfer case, I still had quite a bit of oil in my transmission so you may get a mess when separating the units. There is a bolt that goes in from the front of the transmission into the transfer case, just to passenger side be sure to remove it.The two may be removed as a single unit but it's harder to maneuver it out of the hole and much heavier. ( or if you have the equipment you can drop it under after removing the shifters)

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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How do you adjust a hydroelectric clutch

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