Follow this repair guide if you have problems with the brightness sensor in your device

  1. Remove back cover
    • Remove back cover

  2. Remove battery
    • Remove battery

    • With the help of a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 9 side screws, one is located under the adhesive

    • With the help of a thin tool, pry up the side joints to remove the central body

    • Unhook the display connector

    • Unclip the touchscreen connector

    • Unclip the brightness sensor connector

    • Unhook the connector that connects the motherboard to the dock

    • With the help of a thin tool, uncouple the mother board interlocked on the plastic hooks

    • Remove motherboard

    • With the help of a heat source of the tweezers remove proximity and brightness sensor by replacing it with a new one


To reassemble the device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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