iPhone 6 Water Damage from White Water Rapids adventure 100% Fix Back from the dead!

I went white water rafting in late Aug 2015. My iPhone 6 was completely submerged in the river 4 different TIMES!!!! It spent a lot of time under water. It went to blue screen after the first dunking and then died completely after the 2nd. I didn't try turning it back on until after the 4th dunk to no avail. It was completely dead! I was totally blown away by this fix. Damprid saved the day. Here's how to bring your phone back to life. I spent a lot of time researching and analyzing the best way to save my phone without paying someone big bucks to extract my data that hadn't been backed up yet.

Video Instructions

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Watch my YouTube video to see how I fixed it. Please consider Donating to my PayPal if you feel moved to pay it forward, thanks!

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Drying the iPhone out and trying to power it on is the number one way to lose data after water damage. I would suggest finding a professional that can desolder the backplates, do a overview of the iPhone under a microscope, and clean it professionally with a ultrasonic cleaner. If you don't care about your data or the longevity of the device, feel free to watch and use this video.

Phillip - Reply

The most impressing thing is how you can make a 8 min video out of "Store the phone with some moist absorbing stuff for xx days".

magnusface - Reply

I hope this tutorial is a joke. Look for someone who does this professionally and has the necessary equipment. There are certain steps increasing the chance of the repair by far, like ultrasonic cleaning and to immediately disconnect the battery, otherwise you'll have an unrepairable brick later on... Don't get fooled by this video!

Lennart Möller - Reply

my iphone 6 has shown only “this iphone was lost and erased.Enter this Apple ID and password that were used to set up this iphone.”

but my ID is not actived :-( please help

Sitt han - Reply

Wow. What an incredible waste of eight minutes that I’ll never get back.

aluskoski - Reply

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