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Carefully take off the top
  • Carefully take off the top

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unscrew the keyboard
  • unscrew the keyboard

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  • Pull the keyboard out

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  • Carefully unplug the Aux and Main off the WiFi card

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  • unscrew it

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  • Add a lot of NON CONDUCTIVE thermal compound

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  • screw the card back on

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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The thermal paste is intended to *help transfer heat from one surface to another. What is shown here is sticking the backside of the WiFi card to a plastic film on the motherboard.. there is no way for the heat to dissipate on that spot. Further more the heat is not even coming off the backside of the WiFi card.. This guide will NOT help cool down your chip. Further more I took apart my L300 07N and it has an Atheros based chip not a “Dell” Intel model as seen in the pictures here.. and.. the wires on my chip were connected the opposite of the pictures here. So maybe he has a different model than me? and it probably won’t make much difference which way the antennaes wires are connected anyway. I was looking at this for an upgrade.. i put in the Intel 4965AGN MM1 Full size PCIe card and it works great, it had 3 pins and i used pins 1 & 3 (Grey on 1 and black on 3) all 3 are antenna connections on the Intel. My 5G speed tests were fast and the radio switch still works and got no weird blinking light issues.

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look mate its actually transferring heat from the wifi card to the other side of the motherboard which is covered by the two heat pipes which transfer and dissipate the heat. Please come with proof next time instead of accusing me

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